Charlotte Bail Bonds Inc. Announces the Grand Opening of Their Bail Bonds Agency

Individuals needing affordable bail bonds and payment plans find they can count on this agency for assistance, reports

IBISWorld reports the bail bonds industry brings in $2 billion dollars each year while providing insurance backed security bonds to individuals who have been incarcerated. The bonds are used to secure the pretrial release of individuals accused of a crime as they await sentencing. In the event the defendant does not appear in court as required, the bail bond agent guarantees payment of the bond. To ensure everyone has access to affordable bail bonds, Charlotte Bail Bonds, LLC ( has now opened its doors to citizens in Mecklenburg County, including Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

"Our new bail bonds agency offers 24-hour service and bonds for all arrests. Our licensed agents are ready to help, as no person should be forced to remain in jail when they can secure their freedom. Furthermore, with the help of our convenient payment plans and our ability to accept all credit card payments, people find they can secure their release in very little time," Michael K., spokesperson for Charlotte Bail Bonds, LLC, explains.

Individuals often ask how a bail amount is determined by the court. First and foremost, the crime itself is considered along with the circumstances. The court primarily assesses the danger of the defendant to the public when making this determination but other factors are taken into account. This includes any ties the defendant has to the community, such as family nearly and community connections. Family members are often the ones who ensure the person appears in court when scheduled.

"There is no way for us to state how much a bond will be, as the court determines this. We have no control over the amount dictated but can be of help in securing the bond. An attorney can be of great assistance in providing information concerning how the bond is determined. Once this information has been obtained, we're happy to walk you through the process of securing the bail bond," Michael K. continues.

Securing the bail involves many steps. Paperwork must be submitted and court appearances must be met. However, these are only two of many things that will be explained as part of the process, and there are many others.

"We do everything we can to make this easy for you. From court reminders to email transmission of documents that may be signed electronically, we work to simplify the process. You have enough on your mind right now. Let us handle this for you so you can focus on other details, such as securing legal representation and building a defense," Michael K. states.

About Charlotte Bail Bonds LLC:

Charlotte Bail Bonds is a local agency in Mecklenburg County serving clients in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. They are professionals who assist jailed individuals or their loved ones by providing affordable and excellent services, and the 24-hour service ensures they are there when they are needed most. When someone calls, count on the team to see to the case as soon as possible. The agents handle all size bonds, including failure to appear (FTA) arrests, and care about every individual's situation. They will go the extra mile to work with their networks and get the client out of jail immediately. If someone is unfamiliar with the bail bond process, don't worry. They'll walk the client through the process.

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