Changing Economic Environment Leads Boomers to Real Estate Investments

With pensions and retirement funds on questionable ground for many, baby boomers are increasingly buying property to help safeguard their golden years, and real estate brokers should take note.

As of March 2016, Go Banking Rates notes that a third of American adults have saved nothing for retirement, and some of those individuals are baby boomers approaching or already past retirement age. While many are staying put in the workforce, others are looking to creative options to fund retirement or bolster lagging investment accounts.

While baby boomers are more likely than other generations to have at least a little set aside, they haven't all had the chance to grow stable portfolios over the years. Many worked through the Great Recession, often dipping into savings just to make it through. They've also worked their way from a world where pensions were common to a modern infrastructure that doesn't support pensions across most private companies. Instead, most employers today offer a 401(k) option, which puts retirement saving responsibilities more on the employee — a fact that means less people end up with large savings.

Throw in unstable financial markets, and it's not surprising that boomers are questioning their ability to retire safely. Many are turning to real estate as an answer for this predicament. As individuals age toward and into retirement, they look for ways to make their investments more stable, and both residential and commercial real estate are promising in that regard.

Monthly rent on either type of property is fairly stable. While being a landlord does involve some risk, rent prices themselves don't fluctuate nearly as much as stock and bond returns might. Real estate is also a stable commodity: people will always need a place to live or conduct business. Commercial leases typically run for several years, so once someone does the work to lock it in, they can usually rely on a steady income for that time period. Residential leases aren't always as solid, but they can provide years of steady income with the right tenants.

One financial expert says that the percent of real estate being held in the portfolios of older individuals has doubled in the past decade. Real estate brokers should take note of this trend. By positioning properties to boomer clients as potential rental or investment locations, brokers might be able to close more deals.

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