Changing a Generation One Student at a Time.

The Trade Academy is teaching students how to control and invest their finances for a better future.

For young individuals, learning how to manage their finances can prove to be difficult. Parents often have a hard time educating their children about money management, especially if they were not adequately trained on the subject. understands that to break the cycle, there must be a will to learn as well as an incentive.

The Trade Academy is an online investment educational tool that provides students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the world of personal finace. By allowing them to put a foot in the door of trading and investing through accessible and interactive online courses, The Trade Academy is preparing an entire generation for the many challenges and tough decisions they will make regarding finances through the course of their lives. Spearheaded by young entrepreneur Nick Pena, the site’s faculty and student body is growing quickly. Nikk keeps everyone posted about new details via his Instagram handle @nikklegend

Courses require a one-time fee payment and can be accessed perpetually afterward. Each session simplifies years of training and experience in the stock market and provides step by step guides for students, making it easier than ever to enter the world of investments. In-person mentorships are also available upon request, and the team itself is full of decorated young individuals looking to help others. From webinars to groups there is a whole community that each student joins once they become part of The Trade Academy.

Three thousand students across the United States have boasted success stories, and the team at The Trade Academy is preparing for a global launch. The intention is to give students access to tools that they would not have otherwise and to provide them with a high level of education about financing in an accessible and inviting way. The Testimonials page is filled with success stories that students will want to see. For those individuals that have been looking for an entry into the world of trading and investing there is no better time than now.

About The Trade Academy: We believe in providing students with skills that they can apply out on the real world. Financial responsibility begins at an early age and education is what makes it bloom. Our courses are tailored in such a manner that both entry-level investors and seasoned financers can both take much from them. Our over 3,000 students can attest that the information provided to them is invaluable. We want to help you put your future in your hands.

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