Champrix Announce Attendance At VIV Turkey 2017 To Showcase Latest Products

Champrix offers animal feed premixes and additives to help animals live their best lives and produce the best meat, and will showcase these products at VIV Turkey 2017.

Optimizing the supply chain is a challenge in in any industry, but for industrial scale farming it is an absolute necessity if they are to succeed in feeding the world population. This leaves farmers seeking cost-effective ways to ensure animals stay healthy and produce a high yield. Champrix does all of this in one, with advanced feed premixes and additives that nourish healthy, robust livestock. They will next be showcasing their revolutionary products at the VIV Turkey conference on July 6th-11th in Istanbul.

VIV Turkey is the biggest international trade fair of its kind in the region, and has invited companies involved in poultry and animal breeding, feeding, genetics, health, technology and commerce to share knowledge and approaches. The trade fair will offer solutions at every point of the animal protein chain, and will take place at the Istanbul Expo Center – one of the largest event venues of its kind in the country.

Champrix offer industry leading nutritional premix for chicken, ruminants and pigs. They will discuss their unique approaches to emerging agricultural challenges with the most influential industrial agriculture firms throughout eastern Europe and the Middle East. Their feeds reduce dependence on antibiotics, remove harmful mycotoxins, and use natural ingredients to reduce salmonella and E.coli, while simultaneously providing the best nutrition.

A spokesperson for Champrix explained, “We are pleased to announce our attendance at VIV Turkey 2017, to help introduce our world-leading products to new people in new markets. From poultry feed premix to milk replacers for calves, the feed solutions we create can help farmers produce healthier, stronger and meatier animals. VIV Turkey is an exciting event that gives us the opportunity to make the European animal feed revolution go global. We will be on hand to discuss the details, provide samples, and demonstrate with hard data what a return on investment we can offer.”

About Champrix: Champrix delivers a wide range of feed premixes, feed additives, milk replacers and protein concentrates that are carefully tailored to every client’s needs. Champrix feed is suitable for all kinds of animals, from ruminants to poultry, and Champrix delivers to the animal feed compound industry, home-mixers, feed producers, integrators and distributors all over the world.

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