ChainFinance reshapes the DeFi industry ecology and subverts the existing global financial system

Chain Finance's on-chain finance is based on the development of the Gauss public chain, a new DeFi ecosystem integrating DeFi liquidity mining, DAO community governance, and oracle mechanism.

In 2020, the blockchain will move from the hustle and bustle to the technological breakthrough at the bottom. As the cornerstone of the entire industry, the DeFi field is becoming a fierce battlefield for dominance, and liquid mining has become an emerging market for blockchain to break through. Although the DeFi ecosystem is developing in full swing, the information is blocked and isolated between different projects, and it is not easy to form scale benefits or even network effects, and it is impossible to truly subvert the existing financial system in the short term.

ChainFinance has been actively exploring cross-chain implementation methods, applying DoubelRadome cross-chain technology, and is committed to linking various blockchain platforms, realizing information or asset circulation and intercommunication between different blockchain networks, thereby providing a wider range of DeFi Use to provide support. CF not only overcomes the cross-chain asset transaction problem, but also helps DeFi projects overcome the obstacles of information sharing and asset exchange between different blockchain underlying platforms, and expand the DeFi ecosystem. Through the CF cross-chain model, a cross-chain channel connecting different blockchain platforms can be created. On the one hand, it can realize the real-time sharing, exchange and synchronization of data, information and assets on different chains, and on the other hand, it can realize the digital mapping of various high-value assets. And conduct matching transactions.

Chain Finance's on-chain finance is based on the development of the Gauss public chain, a new DeFi ecosystem integrating DeFi liquidity mining, DAO community governance, and oracle mechanism. CF chain finance was jointly launched by the Singapore Block Stone Foundation (Block Stone FOUNDATION), Singapore's state-owned investment company Temasek Holdings (Temasek Holdings) and UBSWarburg (UBSWarburg). CF is a highly open and autonomous DeFi token. CF will integrate the data of major players in all major industries and fields to jointly create a high flow of digital economy. By building a shared network of machine trust, it will solve the problems of data access encrypted transmission, sharing, trusted transactions, and storage, and realize global industries Data and assets are safely on the chain, and more industry individuals are promoted to join the alliance, data integration, maximize the value of data, and jointly create a DeFi ecological alliance with borderless data circulation, open value sharing, and industry collaborative innovation.

CF pioneered the only blockchain model in the world, based on the same level of Gauss public chain research and development of Ethereum and Polkadot + compliance exchange GBEX + radar model + DeFi ecology + cross-chain technology, which truly solves the difficulty of realizing blockchain entity business. Create a veritable super ecology, the five elements are united, swallowing mountains and rivers!

CF has the following five unique advantages:

1. Compliance exchange: GBEX has obtained a Singapore business license and has been incorporated into the Singapore Securities Regulatory Commission, becoming the first legally compliant digital token exchange platform in the Singapore International Financial Center. CF debuted on the Gauss Exchange. The two giants in Singapore have joined forces. The users are active all over the world, the system is safe, the trading market is deep, the currency liquidity is good, the risk control is perfect, and the transaction and withdrawal speed is efficient.

2. Gauss public chain: Adopting the unique HWD-PoW innovative mechanism, greatly increasing the cost of double-spending attacks and 51% attacks, greatly improving security and easy integration. CF is issued on the Gauss public chain, which is safe and reliable, can be checked on the chain, cannot be tampered with, is completely decentralized, and practical commercial applications are implemented.

3. Radar mode: avoid monopolies, break up large-scale accounts, lock up positions with human nature, avoid lying to win, embody the spirit of fairness, and maintain the momentum of the entire network. CF uses the radar model to increase market activity and increase market user base, so as to make the best effort to achieve a win-win situation for the CF community.

4. DeFi: Decentralized finance. All operations are centered by smart contracts and codes. There is no black box, no private information to be censored or used. All data is open and transparent, without mutual trust, and without any barriers to entry, everyone Fair transactions can be conducted at any granularity. CF has a rich DeFi ecosystem, which greatly reduces transaction costs, greatly increases transaction efficiency, has low thresholds, solves the drawbacks of centralized finance, and creates a free and open financial world with a huge vision.

5. Cross-chain: CF applies DoubelRadome cross-chain technology to develop decentralized custody to liquidate digital assets. DoubelRadome, as the next generation of decentralized asset custody and clearing technology, is based on decentralization and community consensus, comprehensively uses cryptography and blockchain technology, supports decentralized association governance capabilities at the technical level, and effectively solves the central problem. The security and trust problems faced by digital asset management platforms.

The DeFi ecosystem is constantly evolving and improving. Just as Bitcoin established a new decentralized payment system after the 2008 financial crisis, CF is also shaping a brand new financial model. We believe that in the near future, CF based on DeFi will explode with greater potential.

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