CGK Business Sales Announces Another Major, Successful Austin Business Sale

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Company's latest project saw well-known family-owned Austin business securing top dollar in deal marked by complete confidentiality and thorough diligence, CGK Business Sales reports

CGK Business Sales, the leading business broker in Austin and central Texas, announced the company's successful conclusion of a major private business acquisition deal. Leveraging the many years of experience of the company's expert business brokers, CGK Business Sales specialists helped the owners of a local, family-owned company find an eager buyer, securing top dollar for a business that had been built up over generations. With a huge network of highly motivated buyers that includes high-net-worth individuals, corporations seeking to expand, private equity groups, and leading venture capitalists, CGK Business Sales has become the most successful and highly regarded business broker in Austin, San Antonio, and central Texas in general.

"Austin's thriving economy means that those looking to sell a valuable business often have a lot of options," CGK Business Sales representative Greg Knox said, "Actually finding and negotiating with the right buyer, though, can be harder than many business owners initially assume. With our latest successful deal, we have once again proven that CGK Business Sales is the best way of all for central Texas business owners to maximize the money they receive for the product of their hard work."

Unlike with publicly traded companies, where shares of ownership can be freely bought and sold on established, third-party exchanges, selling a privately held company typically requires doing some work to find a willing, qualified buyer. Given that there are millions of private companies in the United States and only a few thousand public ones, acquisitions of this sort are, in fact, by far the more common kind.

With many years of experience helping business owners in Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas find buyers for their companies, CGK Business Sales is the top source for this ever-valuable kind of assistance. The company's confidential process reflects at a basic level the delicacy and importance of the agreements it lines up for clients, ensuring that undesirable side effects will not result.

CGK Business Sales also maintains the highest level of professional standards in every respect. This means consulting with leading experts on matters including banking requirements, legal details, and tax implications, so that every dimension of each proposed deal can be tailored to the needs of the parties in question. Thanks to this commitment to the greatest in diligence and professionalism, CGK Business Sales consistently maximizes the value sellers receive for the companies they worked so hard to build, as is detailed at

The company's latest, just-announced deal expands on this impressive record of success. Keeping the process entirely confidential, CGK Business Sales brokers found an admirably suited, highly qualified buyer for one of Austin's most respected family-owned companies. In addition to exceeding the expectations of the seller with regard to the price that was paid, the successful deal ensures that the thriving business will continue to serve the Austin community as it has for so many years.

Those interested in learning more about the company's many services can do so at the CGK Business Sales website. Even business owners who are not yet sure whether a sale will make sense for them can often benefit from the company's expert valuation services described at

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With the greatest of care, confidentiality, and professionalism, CGK Business Sales helps business owners find the best possible buyers, maximizing the value of each transaction and providing each client with the full benefit of the company's unmatched expertise, insight, and experience.

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