Certified financial planner, Paul A. Lemon, announces 3 steps to help financial planning for best retirement in Durango, Colorado

Paul A. Lemon has just revealed how he is helping people in Durango, Colorado plan for retirement so they can relax in later life.

CPA and Certified Financial Planner ®, Paul A. Lemon at Integrated Financial Planning, P.C. has just announced an outline of financial services that is designed to help potential clients deal with the issue of managing their money as they approach retirement.

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Mr. Lemon commented on why he made this announcement at this time by saying, “One of the biggest problems facing my clients is answering the question - “Do I have enough?”.

Mr. Lemon has helped his clients answer the question time and time again by following three key steps.

1. Understand The Goals

Before the question of “Do I have enough?” can be answered Lemon gets his clients to complete a five-page questionnaire, which can be downloaded from the company’s website.

Mr. Lemon compares the questionnaire to a “piece of art hanging on the wall as it helps clients to step back and gain a clearer picture of how they want money to serve their lives.”

When asked to elaborate, Mr. Lemon said, “A lot of my clients are not clear about what they want from their money, their life goals, and what it is they would like to change about their current situation, if anything. This questionnaire helps to pinpoint all these things, particularly when it comes to retirement planning.”

Mr. Lemon differentiates this part of his services from others by describing it as, “a tool to show how money can support someone’s life, not just how much more money someone can make.”

2. Spending & Investments Review

After reviewing what a client wants from their money, Mr. Lemon evaluates the client’s savings plans and investments to assess if their “money appears to be working efficiently for them,” which is paramount to achieving the goals identified in step one.

When asked to comment he said, “During this stage, I help my clients navigate their own financial landscape as they tend to have a lot of questions such as whether or not their investments may be too risky, how better to manage their current expenses, along with dealing with the difference between taxable and qualified accounts.”.

3. A Custom Plan

Mr. Lemon then moves onto what he calls, “crafting a plan that is realistic, not just wishful thinking.”
By looking at tax returns and a client’s cash flows, Mr. Lemon runs various scenarios before settling on a plan tailored to each client.

When asked to elaborate, he said, “We look at specific alternatives, such as what might happen if a client waited an additional two years before retiring or if they downsized their house. We then evaluate each scenario one at a time, so our clients can see how each variable changes the success of their plan and subsequent quality of life.”

As a Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Lemon will also run the numbers to help ensure that the plan is realistic and to help verify the cash flows throughout his client’s lifetime.

For some, this is a key differentiator from other financial planners, because Lemon is not only able to show a visual representation of the plan, which other planners will do, but is able to tie things back to reality using his CPA skillset.

For more information please visit http://www.paullemon.com/

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