Certificate IV Training and Assessment Now Available Online

Rose Training has announced the availability of online training for the Certificate IV Training and Assessment.

Brisbane, Australia – For years, people have been enrolling in Certificate IV Training and Assessment courses at local trade schools and universities. This has required people sacrificing their time with their job and with their families to ensure they are taking the necessary courses for their certificate based upon when the courses are actually offered.

This inconvenient method of training has come to an end due to online courses now offered at Rose Training Australia. “The open university allows anyone and everyone the ability to get the training they need. We follow the NTIS requirements, ensuring that every student gets the same certificate as they would anywhere else,” says Gary Rose, owner of the training facility.
At Rose, students have options. They can visit one of two offices in Brisbane. One is located in South Brisbane on Peel Street and the other is located in the Woolloongabba District. These facilities offer training where students can get face to face instruction. The other option is to attend the training online, which is available as long as there is an Internet connection. Students then choose their schedule based upon what’s convenient for them – any day of the week and any time of the day.

Flexibility is critical when seeking a certificate IV training and assessment course. The aim is to ensure every student gets the necessary knowledge while eliminating the stress that comes with trying to rearrange their life to fit when the course are offered. With the online courses, students are able to take TAA40104. This will include training and assessment units as well as a focus on training and delivery as well as environment. The thorough training prepares students to be able to evaluate the needs within the workplace and create the required training.

Not everyone is able to benefit from online training. “Those who are self-disciplined and well-organised are the best candidates,” admits Rose. “It’s easy to get distracted when there’s no teacher to focus on.” Even though this may be true, it hasn’t stopped students from enrolling in more of the certificate IV training and assessment courses throughout the country. It’s not uncommon to see students from the Gold Coast, New Castle, Adelaide, Perth and the rest of the country enrolling at Rose because of the OTEN style courses being offered.

Students have written a number of testimonials commenting about how the instructors at Rose have helped them. Students are excited about getting the training they need while being able to get everything done on their schedule – not the schedule of a school. Not only does the flexibility help but the ability to stay at home or work and eliminate the commute has also been a factor for why more students are choosing the online method of learning.

Around the world, online training has become more readily available. There’s no reason that certificate IV training and assessment Brisbane can’t be the same way. Rose Training Australia has made it simple for students to enrol in the courses. While training and assessment certificates at level 2, 3 and 4 are offered, there are other certificates available at the facility as well. Such certificates include project and frontline management, marketing, occupational health and safety and much more. Students can choose whether they stop with the certificate, move on to a diploma or even take the diploma to give them a head start with earning and associates or bachelor's degree in the desired field of study.

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