CEO Of Lexington Strategies, Joey Allaham, expanding his business frontiers

Joey Allaham is expanding his business into new areas. He will be creating new jobs and targeting local communities for developmental programs

Joey Allaham, the CEO of Lexington Strategies is one of the most important personalities in the New York City Business circle. His company has a stake in several industries including government relations, oil, petroleum, gas, cyber technology, etc.

Joey Allaham, is expanding his business frontiers by investing in services that are customer oriented, especially in cyber technology. Joey has always been a man that takes the right steps to improve on whatever he's doing.

He established restaurants in high-end Kosher area to become one of the leaders in the business of delivering quality food and meals to the people. Later on, he founded the Prime Hospitality Group, a top-class company offering Kosher catering and resorts to high net worth people.

Now, his business is growing, and he hopes to make more impact by creating jobs and providing services that will help run other businesses successfully.

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Joey Allaham is also known for being a top Qatari lobbyist, helping the oil-rich nation make affiliations, investments, and connections with the American Jewish community.

Through his company, he has provided services for many local and international businesses in and outside of New York. His new expansion endeavors is to conquer more grounds and create a business that will last forever.

Joey Allaham is able to achieve this because of his tenacity, vast network, hard work, and commitment to success. While doing all of these, he also makes sure that he adds value to his community. As his business expands, he will be targeting local communities with life changing programs that will help improve their lives.

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