Centura Tile Applauds Addition of Architect Signatures to Buildings

Centura Tile commends the City of Toronto for placing more emphasis on getting the names of architects added to new building construction.

Centura Tile (www.centura.ca), North America's premier distributor of both residential and commercial floor and wall fashions, has thrown its support behind a recent Toronto city policy that will promote the ability of architects to be recognized for the contributions they make to the city.

The policy works to ensure new buildings over 1,000 square metres feature a visible credit to the architects, either on the main facade or near the main entrance (Bateman, C., "Architects ordered to add their names to Toronto buildings," Metro News web site, June 21, 2016; http://www.metronews.ca/news/toronto/2016/06/21/architects-ordered-to-add-tags-to-toronto-buildings.html, last accessed June 27, 2016.)

"The new plan is a welcome change that helps unify and formalize what has previously been a sporadic patchwork of plaques since 2011," says Ross Keltie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Centura Tile. "Centura has worked with numerous architects over the years to provide floor and wall tiling, as well as exterior facades for their creations and it's great to see such creative minds get recognition front and centre."

Architect credits have been approved in Toronto since 2011, but implementation has been uneven at best. The new policy change will have city planners specifically check for an architect credit when reviewing submitted blueprints. City planners will also work with the Ontario Association of Architects to make sure designers know to include the detail.

"It's the same reasoning behind why artists sign their paintings," explains Keltie. "Though, admittedly, there is a difference between jotting a signature down in the corner of a frame and planning out how a construction team is going to install one's name on a building, it's not enough to deter the city from taking this step."

A potential secondary benefit is that the addition of an architect's name may be able to further spur their creativity. If an architect knows their name is going to be visibly attached to a structure that is extra motivation to settle for nothing less than the best they can do.

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