Centsible Blueprint Financial Group Launches New Services in All 50 States

The new and improved Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc. now provides a variety of services that allow clients to feel safe, educated, and supported when it comes to their financials.

Formerly Washington Du Bois Financial, Inc., Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc. is a significantly improved and technologically savvy comprehensive personal and business planning firm with several divisions. Recently, Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc. has undergone a major restructuring and is now able to provide services that are guaranteed to enhance the quality of service they provide to their clients. Expertly serving their clients in all fifty states is the main goal of Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc. and the new services they now provide are sure to not only meet, but exceed that goal.

When partnering with Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc., clients will receive access to a dedicated Financial Consultant that is available via e-mail 24/7 for any questions that client may have about any aspect of their financial situation. Clients will also receive a customized financial plan that shows where the client currently stands financially, where the client would like to go financially, what the client needs to do to reach their financial goal, and how the client can protect themselves throughout that journey. Clients of Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc. will also receive ongoing support from the firm in the form of receiving help by tracking their progress through their online profile dashboard, receiving regular reminders from their Financial Consultant to keep them on track financially, and constantly being informed on the next step the client has to take to reach their financial goal. Clients will also receive assistance from their Financial Planner when they compare and choose bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, or any other financial product or service. Classes and invitations to events will also be provided to clients of Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc. so that they may deepen their own financial literacy.

As a fully independent and conflict-free firm, Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc. is able to provide unbiased financial advice that is tailored to the needs of each individual client. The financial blueprints that Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc. provides are customized to the unique situation of each individual and family that the firm serves. The financial plans provided by Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc. address everything from day-to-day finances to retirement planning, investment planning to estate planning strategies, and insurance to tax strategies. The advice that Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc. provides is custom to each individual client and may even include additional areas of focus, like real estate and business planning, if that client’s situation warrants attention to other topics.

Collin Johnson, Owner and President of Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc., believes that financial planning should be the foundation of every person’s long-term goals. Mr. Johnson is a successful financial strategist, inspirational speaker, and consultant that has been in practice for nearly a decade. When he is not working with clients, Mr. Johnson enjoys spending quality time with his beautiful wife of ten years, and high school sweetheart, and their five children. As a family, they enjoy outdoor activities, live entertainment, and traveling.

Mr. Johnson was fascinated with entrepreneurship and investment philosophies since he was a teenager. This fascination led to the eventual acquirement of his first apartment building at the age of twenty, while attending Michigan State University, with the support of his first financial investor, his mother. Unbeknownst to him, his first acquisition altered the trajectory of his financial destiny for the rest of his life. Unlike most of his peers who graduated and earned internships or starting positions with major corporations, he began his career financially free. This financial freedom positioned him to become financially independent before the age of 35. Mr. Johnson furthered his education by enrolling at Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration and pursuing a Bachelor’s of Accountancy, a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA), and a Master’s of Science in Finance (MSF) with a concentration in Financial Services. He is currently pursuing the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certification and studying to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Mr. Johnson currently serves clients throughout North America as a financial consultant, providing comprehensive financial coaching and personal finance advice as well as the necessary accountability, encouragement, and education along the way. Utilizing a unique six-step “Dare to Have D.R.E.A.M.S.” process (Discover...a lifestyle you love, Recognize...the obstacles getting in your way, Evaluate...your current financial circumstances, Architect...a customized, step-by-step roadmap for your future, Motivate...and get into action, and Sequential...accountability sessions with action steps frequently), he helps individuals and families focus and achieve their purpose-driven financial goals.

By choosing with the new and improved Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc., clients will receive many fantastic services that are guaranteed to enhance the financial success of that client. Deciding to partner with Centsible Blueprint Financial Group, Inc. will leave clients feeling secure in their financial decisions, supported by the professionals at the firm, and optimistic about their future financial success.

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