Cemetery Flower Vase Thefts Escalate Demand For Theft Deterrent Alternatives

As cemetery theft escalates around the globe, ForeverSafe products is offering reduced pricing for theft deterrent cemetery vases and burial urns for grieving families dealing with, or attempting to prevent the unfortunate experience of cemetery theft.

Tough economic times continue to plague many around the world. Rough economic conditions, increasing unemployment and civil unrest around the globe are contributing factors to the struggling economies of many societies. Many families are already plagued with some level of financial burden and difficulty when the unfortunate and untimely passing of a loved one occurs. For many, this typically adds a new level of financial stress as many have not made pre-need arrangements for their memorial services or do not have insurance to cover the event.

The tough economic times have also lead to a disturbing increase in cemetery thefts. A number of communities all over are experiencing these distasteful events in the form of theft of cemetery vases, cremation urns and virtually anything unsecured in a cemetery that could be sold for scrap metal. A quick search engine query across the internet will find thousands of news articles referring to cemetery thefts.

Because of the increasing theft of memorial products, one Ohio plastics company took a proactive approach to deter some of the issues by developing a line of theft deterrent cemetery products manufactured from polyethylene, also known as plastic.

ForeverSafe cemetery vases, while manufactured from theft deterrent polyethylene, mimic the look of other materials in the cemetery. ForeverSafe Burial Urns are water tight and can be buried directly in the ground without an additional urn vault. They have a very long lifespan and are expected to last centuries. Many of the vases and urns that are been stolen may not be discovered for several months. ForeverSafe Products, though beautiful, have no intrinsic value as bronze, granite and other materials commonly found in cemeteries do, thus deterring theft.

ForeverSafe Cemetery Products have recently started offering a lower price to better serve consumers searching for high quality products that are theft deterrent and durable. Bronze vases which cost in the $250-$350 range are being scrapped in scrap metal yards for pennies on the dollar and are typically melted down by scrap metal recyclers. Some cemeteries are reporting cemetery vase losses in the hundreds over a single weekend. Cremation urns have a very wide range of pricing but many urns require an urn vault in order to be buried, an expense which can add hundreds of dollars. Consumers wishing to remember their loved ones with products that are theft deterrent and are affordable have been flocking to ForeverSafe Products.

In an effort to offer high quality, theft deterrent cemetery products to consumers in need, ForeverSafe is lowering the cost of the entire product line. Retail pricing for cemetery replacement vases or staked vases is now $69.99, vase and canister sets are now $149.99 and watertight burial urns are now $179.99.

ForeverSafe Products offers custom fitting replacement cemetery vases, staked vases and burial urns in eight metallic and granite finishes. ForeverSafe Products offer beauty, affordability but most of all additional security for an increasingly targeted item.

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