Cell2Get.com Gets Social by Launching Deals and Promo Codes Through Social Media

Cell2Get is a leading provider of unlocked cell phones, and are promoting their entry to the social media arena by offering exclusive deals and discounts via their social accounts.

Cell phones are now considered essential for the vast majority of people, providing much more than just instant communication via call and text, but access to the internet and email, social media and games. The biggest drawback is that networks hold cell phones hostage so they can only be used with one provider, killing competition and preventing people from getting the best usage deals. Cell2Get offers unlocked cell phones that allow users to choose the most competitive carrier, and they have launched multiple social media presences to help more customers get better deals.

The company has now set up a Twitter account, Vimeo channel, Facebook page and YouTube channel to better promote their services. The social media accounts of Cell2Get have proven very popular as they are publishing exclusive deals for new and existing customers.

The strategy means that to guarantee they have access to the best deals individuals should subscribe to Cell2Get’s social media accounts, so they can get bigger discounts on unlocked cell phones as well as interesting tips and tricks about cell phones and upcoming phone launches. It provides a fun way for the company to increase their engagement while at the same time delivering unbeatable prices to customers.

A spokesperson for Cell2Get explained, “Social media is an entirely different kind of advertising that functions largely on endorsement- those who already value a company’s services will endorse it and that will serve as recommendation to others. So, in launching a whole volley of social media pages at once and populating them with exclusive offers, we hope to generate excitement among our existing customer base that will spread virally through to their contacts, and their contacts’ contacts and so on, meaning great deals really will go further than ever.”

About Cell2Get: Cell2Get is one of the Nation's largest cell phone retailers and offers great online deals on contract-free cellular phones. At Cell2Get they strive to give the customer the best information to choose the right cell phone for their purposes, with the web’s best selection of unlocked cell phones.

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