Cell Accessories Shop Launches Wholesale Deals For High Street Vendors

Cell Accessories Shop begins to offer wholesale deals on their amazing range of products.

Cell phones are everywhere and a massive part of everyone's daily lives. As has been pointed out by advertisers, they are the first thing people see when they wake up and the last thing they see before they go to bed at night, and keep everyone connected to the world and social networks; a device more powerful than the computers that achieved the moon landings. Nevertheless, these expensive and fragile tools require accessories to keep them safe and robust and to further expand their usability. After much frustration for cell users in the high street, Cell Accessories Shop has begun to offer wholesale deals on their amazing range of products.

The company made the move in order to provide robust and hard wearing cell phone cases as well as stylish, brand label cases, hands free and Bluetooth headsets, and a range of other pieces to retailers at wholesale discounts. By selling cell phone accessories wholesale, they can make a smaller profit that allows retailers to make a margin while keeping the pieces affordable for customers.

As well as their extensive catalogue, the company also regularly publishes new content on their cell phone accessories blog, charting the rise and fall of trends and the continuing evolution of innovation in accessories that can provide more features at less cost to the consumer, allowing retailers to keep an inside edge.

A spokesperson for Cell Accessories Shop explained, “We have been personally frustrated by the lack of affordable, good quality cell phone accessories readily available on the high street, and we understand that customers can’t always wait for orders from the internet to get their phone protected or to listen to their music or make hands free phone calls, so they want the best products available in a physical store. That’s why we have provided exclusive wholesale deals for retailers so they can provide the best quality items that seem to be lacking in mainstream retail right now- stores should be checking in regularly to see our latest releases.”

About Cell Accessories Shop:
Established in 2011, Cell Accessories Shop is a cell phone accessories provider for distributors, retailers, and consumers. They are currently based out of New York City and ship to everywhere in the U.S. Their product lines focus on industry leading brands for cell phone cases and hands-free headsets. In addition to cell phone cases and hands-free headsets, they carry other cell phone accessories such as home and car chargers, pouches, and batteries.

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Phone: 888-737-5955
Website: http://cellaccessoriesshop.com/

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