Ceally Smith Is Helping Thousands of New Age Entrepreneurs Across the World Build Successful Companies

Entrepreneurship is vast and can sometimes be overwhelming especially for newcomers. With her extensive knowledge, Ceally is helping people meet financial needs and changing their lives

Kansas City, Missouri: Entrepreneurship is booming, and more people are becoming aware of the endless potential for time and financial freedom. To get the opportunity to experience success as an entrepreneur, working with an expert and consultant can shorten the learning curve and create greater financial returns.

Over the years, Ceally Smith has built many companies and is a mentor and consultant with her company CJL Consulting LLC where she mentors entrepreneurs and brokers, licenses and consults with companies in the hemp industry. She is using her experience and expertise to help thousands of people achieve success.

As an entrepreneur, Ceally understands the importance of physical, mental and emotional health. Her dedication to holistic living led her to start Organic Meal Prep LLC. She has partnered with Trifecta Nutrition to provide meals to 100s of nation-wide clients and select clientele, including NFL players and the famous music artist, Tech N9ne.

To learn more about Organic Meal Prep, please visit here.

In search of a naturopathic remedy for her son and after witnessing the improvement in his wellbeing and quality of life while using CBD oil, Ceally was convinced that she needed to become more involved in the industry as a whole. She now holds a Master Certification in hemp and is a highly valued and experienced expert in the industry.

Ceally went from broke and barely making it to a blossoming career as an entrepreneur in 10 short months. She understands what it’s like to not make enough money, be purpose driven, make an impact and have a roadmap to building a successful empire. This is why Ceally is so passionate about shortening the gap between new entrepreneurs and their success. She’s ready to take her clients and mentees by the hand until they have a solid understanding of how a business should operate.
Five minutes of listening to her is enough to convince anyone about her knowledge and get inspiration to build a business with a proper foundation.

In her quest for holistic health, she has become a sought after expert in all areas of the hemp industry and has consulted 100+ farmers and medical professionals across the U.S. on sourcing quality products, crop rotation, ag partnerships, ethical and quality business practices, and many other vital areas. She has also consulted 1,000+ families with special needs kids.

Ceally is committed to overhauling the hemp industry for regulations favoring quality oversight, improved education, professionalism, quality business practices and consumer protection to ensure a safe and respectable industry for everyone.

She also serves as a board member on the Advisory Board for companies including Silo Wellness, Midwest Hemp Association, and Missouri Students for Hemp Education and Research.

Entrepreneurship is vast and complicated, which can be overwhelming for many people, especially beginners. While there are huge potentials, one needs to find the right place to fit in. Ceally is the perfect mentor and consultant who will provide expert guidance and has the capacity and knowledge to help anyone achieve success.

For more information about one of Ceally’s companies, Organic Meal Prep, please visit here.

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