CD Rates Prophet Launches To Offer Best Online Guide To Certificate Of Deposit Investments

Newly launched CD Rates Prophet offers information, advice and guidance on buying Certificates of Deposit to see higher interest returns than standard savings.

The great thing about money is that having some allows you to create more. By investing money individuals have saved, they can get interest on their savings and thereby accumulate more wealth, and by doing so prepare for retirement or reap the benefits of their hard work in the form of holidays or other indulgences. To get the most from an existing pot of money however is challenging, and high yield investments tend to be high risk as well. Certificates of Deposit offer another way to get better returns than a savings account without the risk of loss associated with playing the markets. CD Rates Prophet can show individuals exactly how to minimize risk while still getting a healthy return.

CD Rates Prophet explains that Certificates of Deposit come in small, large and jumbo sizes up to 250,000 dollars. These then lock away the amount the individual has invested for a fixed amount of time and upon maturity, deliver the initial amount plus the higher rate of interest back to the investor.

The site explains what to look out for when buying certificates of deposit to avoid scams, how to ensure their money is protected and where to get the best rates of interest. The site even discusses additional features like early withdrawals, FDIC insurance and a call feature for both the investor and the bank or credit union.

A spokesperson for CD Rates Prophet explained, “CD Rates Prophet is a great new online presence for anyone wishing to find out more about certificates of deposit as an alternative to riskier or lower yield investments. The only sacrifice individuals need to make with a Certificate of Deposit is to agree to lock away their money for a fixed term. In doing so however they guarantee a minimum interest yield which they may overshoot and with FDIC insurance are at no risk of losing their money as they would be playing the markets.”

About CD Rates Prophet: CD Rates Prophet is a web-based resource center for information on certificates of deposit as a method of investment that offers high-yield interest rates with guaranteed returns, superior to typical savings accounts. The site offers details on where to get the best rates of return and how to invest in these certificates to get the best of an investment.

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