CCG Castle Launches Latest Collectible Card Game Lineup Fueling TCG Phenomenon

Themed card play beginning two decades ago has recently made a comeback, publishes

Physical card games are currently making a comeback with themed game play popularity now skyrocketing among a number of communities. As gamers the world over begin taking part in the various genres on the market, many players now face difficulties in finding the sets and single cards they need to succeed. With this in mind, Ben Rockey of CCG Castle has launched the company's latest collectible card game lineup.

Rockey elaborated, "You could say the TCG craze really began with Magic: The Gathering, but since it was released more than 20 years ago, a few other wildly popular games have emerged. A couple of these would be Pokemon and World of Warcraft, which happens to be our specialty. The new additions to our CCG Castle inventory include the most recent selection of Pokemon cards to take the world by storm and the My Little Pony line."

Having been introduced two decades ago, Pokemon could be considered among the most diverse trading card games currently in production. Collectors as well as tournament aficionados continually seek out new additions to their arsenals with an extensive array of individual sets and subsets available. Adding to the game's notoriety are the various evolution levels in effect as well as rare versions of players' most sought-after choices, such as Charizard and Shaymin EX. The Pokemon world has become a global phenomenon.

The My Little Pony collection was initially launched in 2013 and was originally a hit among young girls who were fans of the updated television series and movies. Adoration grew monumentally from that point to include ladies being caught up in the nostalgia of the original Hasbro line released in 1982. Individuals from numerous branches of the collectors' realm along with the newly developed Bronies community have also joined the bandwagon. This collection likewise offers a variety of sets to be amassed whether for play, trade or show.

Concluded Rockey, "Those are just a couple of the CCG's we have in stock. At CCG Castle, gamers and collectors alike will find an extensive inventory aside from those options with games like Star Trek, Star Wars, Dragonball Z, Power Rangers and many others to choose from, and they're all at rock bottom prices. Prices and selection are updated every day, so there's always something new and different available. We buy cards too, so anyone looking to trade in their duplicates or old sets should feel free to email us."


With a vast inventory of collectible card game sets and singles, caters to the needs of collectors and gamers around the world.

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