Caulking Contractor in Stirling NJ Company Simply Caulk It Offers Solutions for All Caulking Needs

Whether replacing old caulk around the bathtub or brightening up your kitchen with a new countertop or kitchen sink caulk, Simply Caulk It can meet all the caulking needs of the residents of northern New Jersey.

According to announcements released by Simply Caulk It and Chas Foley, the company is one of New Jersey’s leading providers of exterior and interior caulking services for commercial and residential properties.

Trained technicians from the caulking contractor in Stirling NJ company and the use of superior products deliver durable caulking that protects from water damage and preempts extensive and expensive repairs that can result if re-caulking is not done promptly.

In addition to kitchen caulking, this caulking contractor in Stirling, NJ undertakes residential door and window caulking projects. Masonry caulking that covers concrete and brick repair, and bathroom caulking.

Offering insight on why caulking is essential, co-owner Chas Foley said, “Did you know that replacing the caulk in your home can save you as much as 5-30% on your annual utility bills? Re-caulking your doors, windows, and other cracks or crevices is a huge deal in terms of savings and structural preservation. Damaged or cracked caulking around your doors and windows can cause a multitude of problems for your property.

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Poorly caulked doors and windows allow air flow from outside to enter the building, making it harder for warm or cold air to flow properly. This can result in a higher energy bill from overheating or air conditioning to keep your interior climate controlled. Damaged caulking can also cause water leakage, which can lead to rot, damage, and mold. Cracks around doors and windows are also the perfect opening for pests that might infiltrate your property.”

He continued, “Simply Caulk It offers a door and window re-caulking service that can solve these problems. We will strip all of the old caulk from the crack or crevice before applying the new material to keep your home air-tight. If required, we will also use a backer rod and spray foam to close up the gaps and stop the draft, keeping water and pests outside.

While re-caulking your doors and windows will save you money and increase your building’s aesthetic appeal, it will also keep you and your family healthy as you will not have to deal with an insect infestation issue. Your property will also be safe from the potential damage caused by these pesky insects. Simply Caulk It can help you save money by offering you an affordable price and full warranty coverage on our services. We are highly competent in handling any task, residential, or commercial.”

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