Cash Cars Buyer Reports on the Junk Car Disposal Industry Across the Globe

Recycling used vehicles benefits both the planet and humans while saving valuable resources, announces

The Balance Small Business reports approximately 27 million vehicles are recycled every year across the globe. There are numerous benefits associated with disposing of a vehicle in this manner, and owners need to recognize how they are helping the planet and humans by taking this step. Cash Cars Buyer purchases vehicles across the country while working to make the process effortless for owners.

"Disposing of a junk vehicle can be a hassle at times. However, this doesn't need to be the case. Our clients love that we send a trained junk car specialist to their home or work to make the process as easy as possible. With more than 100,000 individuals working in this industry, it can be difficult to choose a company to work with. That's why so many decide to call on us," Tom Harbid, spokesperson for Cash Cars Buyer, explains.

With the material obtained from junk cars, there is enough steel to manufacture approximately 13 million new cars and trucks, and this is only the material from vehicles recycled in the United States and Canada. Overall, more than 25 million tons of material is obtained across the globe for junk cars and trucks. Actually, this makes motor vehicles the most recycled product used by consumers today.

"Walk outside and look at your current vehicle. Chances are the body is made up of at least 25 percent recycled steel. As car manufacturers improve on their manufacturing processes, this figure may even go higher. Furthermore, numerous motor vehicle repairs are completed using recycled auto parts. One or more may be in your car today," Harbid continues.

In addition to the solid materials obtained from these cars, junk cars save approximately 85 million barrels of oil each year in North America. The hazardous oils and fluids reclaimed are the equivalent of eight Exxon Valdez disasters, and the planet benefits along with humans as the fluids are being handled properly. Today, only 20 percent of a junk car cannot be reclaimed or recycled, and these materials are disposed of properly by the junk car buyer.

"When a person says, 'I want to Sell My Car', we are ready to help. Provide us with a few details about the vehicle to be disposed of and we'll do the rest. Sellers then have the time to enjoy the new vehicle they have purchased and other activities they love, knowing they can count on us to treat them right," Harbid states.

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Cash Cars Buyer is a quality top junk car buyer across America. They do it differently than normal car junkers. They offer free junk car removal to take that hassle from the owner's life. After the owner provides a few details about the junk car, the trained junk car specialists will come to the seller's home or work to make the selling experience easier.

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