CaRears Diapers, LLC, The Country’s First African-American Diaper Company To Launch New Patented Diaper

The country’s first African-American diaper company will launch with their patent design premium diaper for Macrosomia or large body Millennial babies.

CaRears Diapers, LLC, the country’s first African-American diaper company will launch with their patent design premium diaper for Macrosomia or large body Millennial babies to hopefully help stop “diaper wedgies”. Since 1999, newborn babies weight has increased up to 2lbs making millennial babies weight the heaviest in history.

Over the past decade, there has been 4-4.5 million newborns in America of which approximately 30% are Macrosomia and that number increases each year. To date diaper manufacturers have focused research on absorbency function not design. Wide Bottom Diapers are up to 10% larger than other brands. Wide bottom diapers will come in sizes 3,4,5 and 6. The company will also offer new Wide Bottom Wipes.
Research states there is a ground-swell of mothers searching for larger size diapers. Further it shows Babies Can Grow Wide, Before Growing Tall and at 6 months of age, traditional size 6, the largest size diapers are too small.”

New Wide Bottom Diapers will display animated career Aspiration designs vs traditional cartoons currently on diapers. Marshall Johnson, spokesperson for Wide Bottom Club stated, “Our objective is to plant seeds of aspiration during those teachable moments while changing diapers and potty training.

Johnson went on to say: “We believe newborns should have a plan but most families can’t find affordable Whole Life Insurance that builds cash value & converts to a college scholarship. Our goal is to create an easy path to life insurance for our members and increase number of college graduates ”.

During African-American History Month the company created the word EmanSpirations that combines the meanings of Emancipation and Aspiration.

Johnson, “Emancipation is a huge part our history. As our newborn numbers increase, we want to evoke Aspirations for what is possible for them to attain. So we combined the two words to create… EmanSpirations! Which means to Emancipate or Liberate Aspirations for The Future!”

Johnson, “Finally to increase the number of college grads, we’ve launched a special effort to tie in with Mommy Bloggers to develop a College Scholarship Plan in the name of that Blog for their followers. It is our Way to Give Something Back! Hopefully…you will join us... Again, our objective is to EmanSpirate The People to complete The Dream that… If You See It, You Can Be It”

Established in 2008, CaRears Diapers, LLC is an Atlanta, GA based wholesaler of infant and adult diaper products. CaRears is a certified MBE business led by African-American entrepreneur Marshall Johnson. Ad agency owner, Johnson was selected Innovator of the Year by American Express Your Company magazine in 1993 for creating The African-American Heritage Check Series brand. He commissioned financial institutions and check printers to award a percentage of their profits for hundreds of thousands of dollars to the UNCF in scholarships.

To learn more about Wide Bottom Diapers, visit their website at for info about The Insurance Plan. You can also join Obamacare/ACA act on For more information call their customer service department at 877-535-9994.

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