Car Accident Attorney Cautions Drivers To Be Vigilant In Santa Fe’s Accident Hot Spots

Car accident attorneys at the Szantho Law Firm seeks to reduce Santa Fe’s high accident rate by asking drivers to be vigilant in high crash areas.

In 2011 there were 43,227 auto accidents in the state of New Mexico. Of those, 2,200, or 5%, occurred in the City of Santa Fe. The city also had a high rate of accidents, with 32 crashes for every 1,000 residents. However, car accident lawyer Andras Szantho is adamant that, with some added caution in congested areas, the rate of accidents could decrease.

“As personal injury attorneys we see firsthand the effects that accidents have on individuals and families,” says Andras Szantho, founder of the Szantho Law Firm. “We feel that by bringing awareness to the locations in which an accident is more likely to occur, that we can help to prevent collisions and spare families the recovery process.”

According to the accident density map data in the 2011 Annual Traffic Crash Report, many of Santa Fe’s accidents occurred at and around major intersections. The intersections near Rodeo and Cerrillos, and St. Francis and Cerrillos seemed to be where the highest number of collisions occurred. There were also higher instances along St. Francis at Zia, Siringo, and San Mateo.

The report also shows a corridor of Cerrillos Road has increased accident activity. Between St. Michaels and Richards there were a high number of crashes, with areas near shopping centers and Siler Road having the highest densities.

“These may be some of the most congested places in Santa Fe, but besides high traffic volume there are really no other major factors at play. These are all places with clear lines of sight, and only moderate speeds,” concludes Szantho. “While the locations of these high accident areas aren’t surprising, we feel that increased caution will greatly reduce the number of crashes.”

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