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In the wake of the DeFi ecosystem explosion, in which people found themselves making massive gains, a gold rush started, and like that one in Klondike, scammers appeared to make quick bucks off unwitting investors, and the visibility for promising projects was muddled by these potential scams.

To secure a promising project a solid foundation to grow and prosper, it needs a good Launchpad, and IDO Launchpads are coming into their own right, assisting future crypto giants in taking off as smoothly as possible, and from a trustworthy source that will amplify their initial trust levels.

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To assure easy raising of funds for new projects to build from, you need a good IDO Launchpad, and having been built by people with years of experience in the crypto market, one project is here to take its place among the biggest and strongest Launchpads.

Capitrade Launchpad

Capitrade Launchpad is the first project by Capitrade Ventures that offers developers a secure platform to organize their IDOs to raise initial funding for their projects. However, Capitrade unique architecture shifts the control over the raised funds from developers to investors by making it impossible for the developers to utilize the funds without approval and consent from the investors.

For developers to raise funds on Capitrade, they will have to create tasks that demonstrate a clear path the developers will follow to utilize the funds. These tasks are not necessary to conduct a sale but will be essential to gain the investors’ trust.

Besides that, Capitrade will also act as a social hub where the developers can connect with investors, marketers, influencers, and other parties willing to contribute to their projects. To ensure the investors’ safety and the projects’ reliability, Capitrade will connect with different social networks.

Capitrade Unique Attributes

Capitrade aims to create a secure and fair launchpad for developers and investors and promote accountability in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. There have been a few cases where the developers developed a bogus project and disappeared after the initial funding rounds leaving the investors with huge losses. Capitrade aims to ensure that this scenario does not happen,

Further Development of Capitrade Launchpad

Capitrade ecosystem will be democratized and decentralized by the CDE token that will make the token holders not just part of the ecosystem and governance council but also the key architects behind the decision-making process and the path taken by the whole ecosystem. The CDE token has been designed to have a number of use cases that will give power back to the community and offer unique benefits to token holders within the ecosystem.

The most outstanding feature is about the three tiers level System…this actually makes the project primus inta pares(first among equals). CAPITRADE is ready to play an important role in bootstrapping ecosystems, filtering out low-quality projects, offering more equitable token distribution, and helping developers get their ideas off the ground while powered by our utility token called $CDE. How does CAPITRADE tend to achieve this? By using the Mechanism of a Tier-based System.

Capitrade Launchpad is the First-Ever cryptocurrency launchpad with a mission to break the barrier of rewarding high stakers and neglecting small investors. Capitrade is a cross-chain fundraising platform built on Cardano, FTM, and Terra blockchain with an NFT marketplace and high yield staking.

Capitrade Unique Dimensional Approach: What the Platform will bring to the Multi-chain Crypto Space

Staking Program: The project intends to redefine the crowdfunding infrastructure by giving power to small investors. The narrative has always been empowering high yield investors and rewarding them hugely. This is common amongst a significant number of Launchpads in the blockchain industry. It is not right, and these small investors are always at the disadvantage.

Capitrade has changed this by creating a model that rewards smaller investors with a higher APY.

This model is called the reverse algorithm. No more will investors with large holdings be given the highest APY. Long-term stakers alongside low token holders are rewarded for their loyalty. Low token holders have higher rewards to create a level playing ground for all investors.

Investors are required to use the platform’s governance token $CDE. CDE tokens give investors the power to partake in a fundraising event, stake and participate in other activities on the platform.

Bringing Interoperability to the Forefront

Aside from empowering small token holders, the project has an innovative platform, that solves the problem of Interoperability, this refers to the ability to support operations across different blockchains. Lack of interoperability between chains has hindered the growth of the ecosystem. Each chain can only support its own native assets and not others. This causes friction in the transfer of assets from one chain to the other.

Capitrade Launchpad solves the issue of interoperability by reducing fragmentation of liquidity across chains and bridging the gap between investors of various chains. Thanks to the project’s unique decentralized and trustless infrastructure, investors can move their assets across chains and provide liquidity from supported chains. Since Capitrade supports several blockchains, providing liquidity for startups and DApps is seamless.

About Capitrade

Capitrade is a cross-chain fundraising Launchpad with high APY built on the blockchain network giving power back to the small investors. With its decentralized infrastructure, token holders verify every DeFi project before providing liquidity to the project. Capitrade is the first decentralized Launchpad that provides true interoperability and equal learning opportunities.


CDE holders will be able to stake their CDE tokens to generate passive income. Liquidity providers will earn interest for pooling or contributing their digital assets into the liquidity pool for others to borrow. CDE Token is available for purchase on the Capitrade Seed Sale portal.

Capitrade Launchpad has integrated three blockchain networks for its $CDE token sale event, this is to accommodate as much as blockchain networks it can and bring to Crypto Space the real Decentralized activities.

Cardano, Terra & Fantom Network users can participate in Capitrade ongoing Seed sale events.

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