Capital Office Open Fibre Optic Broadband Enabled Offices For Worldwide Teleconferencing

Capital Office have rentable office spaces to create amazing first impressions on national and international customers, with high speed fibre optic broadband for high definition teleconferencing.

After the London 2012 Olympics drove many offices to experiment with telecommuting, small to medium sized businesses discovered that the flexibility it offered workers and the cost-effectiveness of reducing office space meant that many abandoned the office concept altogether. New start-ups are opening their doors to business every day as well, and yet those who moved away from the office and those who never had one both face an uphill battle in landing big-ticket clients, as no CEO wants to see someone Skypeing from their bedroom. Capital Office offers rentable London Office space for as little as an hour to make sure that first big meeting makes the right impression.

Capital Office London have just re-tooled a number of their best offices to include fibre-optic broadband as standard, meaning that individuals can live-stream high definition video of themselves or their video pitches to offices around the world.

The company also offer telephone answering and mail forwarding services so that clients can contact the building at any time and the correspondence will still reach clients, effectively creating the impression of a top flight executive office, while saving the company on needing to spend huge sums yearly to occupy a space needed only for a few of the most important meetings in the year.

A spokesperson for Capital Office explained, “In the twenty first century office space has almost assumed the role that conspicuous consumption had in times past- a status symbol that is frivolous and almost unnecessary, but sells the importance and scale of the company and their ambitions. Many successful businesses are run from homes with staff telecommuting, but in order to land big business appearances have to be maintained. With the new high speed fibre optic systems in place, individuals and groups can teleconference in High Definition, transfer large scale files quickly and make an amazing impact on their clients’ perception of the business. We allow businesses to minimise fixed costs while maintain a big brand perception.”

About Capital Office:
Capital Office provides the most prestigious Virtual Office Services in London and the UK. In the business world, first impressions count, and their comprehensive range of professional office services is second to none. A prestigious virtual office service right in the heart of London will impress clients and elevate businesses above the competition. The service even includes a mail forwarding address.

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