Capital Financial Services Group Launches Increased Efforts To Provide Business Loans

In the face of stringent lending restraints struggling companies can find assistance with Capital Financial Services Group.

Due to crises brought on by the recent economic recession, public and private lending institutions have placed more stringent restraints on their lending policies. Though these actions have produced countless hardships for the entire nation, the hardest hit seems to be the small business sector. Despite statistics from the Small Business Administration indicating companies with fewer than 500 employees provide more than 65 percent of America's employment opportunities, even those in excellent credit standing are finding it difficult to acquire loans for expansion. With this in mind, Capital Financial Services Group has launched increased efforts to provide cash advances and bad credit business loans to deserving companies.

Yury Iofe of Capital Financial Services Group declared, "We have helped countless business owners acquire the funding they need. We represent a variety of clients, from those hoping to start their own business to those in the late stages of company ownership hoping to prevent foreclosure. We realize no business, regardless of its size or nature, can survive without additional funding to fall back on from time to time. Our company was created for this very purpose; we are here to help them."

Based on industry data, a small business loan is defined as one amounting to $1 million or less. Potential business owners often require funding such as this to start their own company. These funds typically cover basic equipment, procurement of office space, advertising, employee recruitment and training and other start-up essentials. Once the business takes off, the owner is able to pay back the loan and operate successfully on his own merit.

If successful, the time will arrive when a business needs to upgrade and expand. New equipment and larger operating space must be leased or purchased to allow for expansion. When adding new products or services to their business summary, new marketing campaigns must be created to promote these endeavors without affecting other financial components such as payroll. Owners may turn to a business cash advance for the solution.

Since traditional lenders are becoming more hesitant regarding doling out business loans, acquiring the necessary funding to start a new business or expand an existing one can be arduous. For businesses on the verge of collapse due to past financial difficulties, such a task can be virtually impossible. Few cash advance lenders offer funding to those with a less than perfect credit history. Iofe noted Capital Financial Services Group holds a number of connections, greatly increasing the ability of companies with bad credit to acquire a loan.

Concluded Iofe, "We examine every aspect of our clients' companies to create a unique perspective as a starting point for our lending considerations. This makes it possible for us to offer fast, affordable financing when other institutions would be unable, or unwilling, to do so. We can provide unsecured business loans of up to $35,000 and secured loans of up to $600,000. In many cases, we are able to offer unsecured loan approval in as little as 24 hours."

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