Candy Crush Tuts Launches To Provide The Ultimate Candy Crush Saga Solutions

Candy Crush Tuts is a new site created by two people who obsess over Candy Crush, the site helps other gamers to perfect their scores with cheats, hints, tips, tutorials and more.

Facebook has become a microcosm in and of itself, and where once it was a social media site designed to help people make their details available, it is now a photo and video library, a sharing site, a social network and an instant messaging tool, as well as a driving tool for social change and now, a gaming hub. Candy Crush Saga has proven so popular on the site that it’s makers have earned a fortune, owing to its simple but challenging gameplay mechanics and it’s often infuriating level of difficulty. After unparalleled success on Facebook the game expanded toAndroid and Apple devices.

Candy Crush Tuts was created to offer a helping hand to other gaming obsessive’s by two people who came together to share their strategies for success in the game. They did so and recorded their findings, and in doing so created the ultimate resource for the game, providing step by step guides to getting perfect scores.

They have now codified this information into tutorials which can be accessed via their new website, and includes tutorials for every level of every stage, which can be clicked through and discovered easily. They have also created videos explaining strategies, cheats and other ideas to help people get a better score.

A spokesperson for explained, “We are crazy about Candy Crush Saga and we understand that millions of others are too. We say crazy because the game is so infuriating at times it’s hard to understand why we ever play it. But the feeling of success when one defeats the game is amazing, and we are here to help more people achieve that feeling by applying their gaming skills in the right way. These guides help people unlock new levels if they’re stuck on an existing one, and help others perfect their technique when replaying.”

About Candy Crush Tuts: Candy Crush Tuts is a website dedicated to providing hints, tips, cheats and tutorials for Candy Crush Saga, one of the most popular and addictive Facebook games that is now available on iOS and Android. Candy Crush Tuts offers a comprehensive library of puzzle solutions for every one of the game’s levels, and even features video walkthroughs so players can replicate successful actions.

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