Cancer Test Market Expected to Witness a Sustainable Growth more than $ 24 Billion over 2022

New Study on "China Cancer Test Market, Volume, Forecast (By Male and Female), Mortality and 26 Cancer (Oncology) Types Market and Volume to 2022” added to database.

"China Cancer Test Market, Volume, Forecast (By Male & Female), Mortality & 26 Cancer (Oncology) Types Market & Volume to 2022" provides, wherever applicable and relevant, technical data of products, and sheds useful light on expected commercial production dates and current R&D status. This report will help the viewer in Better Decision Making.

In China, cancer cases are rising and are one of the major causes of deaths in urban and rural areas. In order to mitigate cancer prevalence in China; the government focuses on several Cancer Control Programs which include prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. Early diagnosis programs include screening for breast and cervix cancer while prevention programs such as anti-smoking campaigns and immunization against hepatitis. Public awareness against cancer and the promotion of healthy lifestyle have also been carried out actively.
China Cancer Test Market is projected to cross US$ 24 Billion by the end of 2022.

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Growing Lung Cancer out of 26 Cancer Cases Studied in the Report

Cancer is one of the most significant public health burdens in China. China has exceptional number of lung cancer diagnoses and deaths than any other part of the world. The problem will keep mounting in near future as China’ air pollution goes mostly unchecked. In total 26 types of Cancer market and number of cases have been studied in the report.

• Lung Cancer dominates the China Oncology (Cancer) Screening Tests Market and Volume:
In Male: Lung Cancer is the most predominant cancer, followed by Colorectal Cancer, Liver Cancer, Brain, CNS, Esophageal Cancer and Breast Cancer (not in same chorological order).
In Female: Other than Lung, Liver and Breast Cancer, Uterus and Ovarian Cancer are other most common cancers. Some other Cancers studied in this report are Lip, Oral Cavity, & Pharynx, Nasopharynx, Pancreas, Bone, Prostate, Luekemia, Bladder, Kidney and Lymphoma.

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High Cancer Mortality Rates

Cancer mortality rates in China have been rising rapidly over the past three decades. In urban region, the mortality of cancer is comparatively higher than in rural one. Out of 26 Types of Cancer studied in the report, Lung cancer accounts for the highest fatalities, followed by Digestive Tract Cancers (Stomach, Liver Cancer, Esophageal and Colorectum Cancer).

“China Cancer Test Market, Volume, Forecast (By Male & Female), Mortality & 26 Cancer (Oncology) Types Market & Volume to 2022” studies the oncology market in China. This 357 page report with 314 Figures and 12 Tables provides in-depth analysis of China Cancer Tests Market and Volume.

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All 26 types of cancer in the report have been analyzed from 3 major viewpoints which further study it from 2 different perspectives.
1. China Cancer (Oncology) Screening Tests Market & Forecast:
2. China Cancer (Oncology) Screening Tests Volume & Forecast:
3. China Cancer (Oncology) Mortality Rate:

All the 26 Cancer Market & Cases Studied in the Report are as Follows:
1. Lip, oral cavity, & pharynx (except nasopharynx)
2. Nasopharynx
3. Esophagus
4. Stomach
5. Colorectum
6. Liver
7. Gallbladder
8. Pancreas
9. Larynx
10. Lung

Some Points from TOC:

1. Research Findings

2. China – Cancer Test Market (2010 – 2022)
2.1 Male – Cancer Test Market & Forecast
2.2 Female – Cancer Test Market & Forecast

3. China – Cancer Test Volume (2010 – 2022)
3.1 Male – Cancer Test Volume & Forecast
3.2 Female – Cancer Test Volume & Forecast

4. China – Cancer Test Market Share (2010 – 2022)
4.1 Male – Cancer Test Market Share & Forecast
4.2 Female – Cancer Test Market Share & Forecast

5. China Oncology Test Market Share - Male Vs Female

6. China – Cancer Test Volume Share (2010 – 2022)
6.1 Male – Cancer Test Volume Share & Forecast
6.2 Female – Cancer Test Volume Share & Forecast

7. China Oncology Test Volume Share - Male Vs Female

8. China – Cancer Test Market (2010 – 2022)
8.1 Lip, Oral Cavity, & Pharynx (except Nasopharynx) Cancer Test Market & Forecast
8.1.1 Male – Lip, Oral Cavity, & Pharynx (except Nasopharynx) Cancer Test Market
8.1.2 Female – Lip, Oral Cavity, & Pharynx (except Nasopharynx) Cancer Test Market
8.2 Nasopharynx Cancer Test Market & Forecast
8.2.1 Male – Nasopharynx Cancer Test Market
8.2.2 Female – Nasopharynx Cancer Test Market
8.3 Esophagus Cancer Test Market & Forecast
8.3.1 Male – Esophagus Cancer Test Market
8.3.2 Female – Esophagus Cancer Test Market
8.4 Stomach Cancer Test Market & Forecast
8.4.1 Male – Stomach Cancer Test Market
8.4.2 Female – Stomach Cancer Test Market
8.5 Colorectum Cancer Test Market

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