Camp Ohana Foundation Introduces New Leadership Amidst New Efforts for Kenyan Children

Green Cove Springs, FL – Non-profit organization, Camp Ohana foundation, recently announced a new slate of leaders, hoping to deliver on and surpass the organization's goal of helping children in Western Kenya. The foundation's chairman, Amos Balongo, appointed a new Board of Directors and new Trustees to help lead Camp Ohana to a bright future.

The organization welcomed Captain Richard Kitchens and Peggie Chen as the new Board of Directors, as well as Bobbie Asato and Douglas Obare as new Trustees. Each of these individuals embodies the vision of Camp Ohana, continually striving to provide invaluable help to forgotten children in Kenya. These new faces bring a new direction and an increased emphasis on the foundation's continual mission to make global citizens and leaders out of disadvantaged Kenyan children.

These changes come at a time when Camp Ohana is branching out with many new initiatives. For one, the international pen pal program is quickly becoming a staple in teachers' classrooms around the world. By starting a snail mail pen pal relationship between classroom students and the children of Camp Ohana, teachers can enhance students' writing skills, while sharing cultural customs at the same time. Students can even learn some Swahili from the Camp Ohana kids, who in turn expand their English skills. Building these cross-cultural connections helps poor children in Western Kenya realize their potential to grow and succeed in the world.

Other initiatives are aimed at improving the health and well-being of Kenyan kids. Camp Ohana's clean water program builds wells to deliver clean, safe water to children in an area where the resource is scarce. In turn, the foundation has promulgated an abundance of health and hygiene programs for children in villages who have not even been taught how to wash their hands. The organization's campuses also offer classes for students to learn how to nourish and grow fresh crops to feed themselves and their villages. Educational courses are taught year-round, with a wildlife stewardship initiative also being added to the curriculum recently.

Camp Ohana is completely non-profit, and operates on funds provided by generous donors. The foundation fosters two campuses in the region of Western Kenya. Working to impart knowledge, healing, and a sense of connection for highly under-resourced children, Camp Ohana continues to spread its name and message throughout the non-profit world. For more information, contact the Camp Ohana Foundation.

About Camp Ohana Foundation

Play, learn, lead – these are the platforms of the Camp Ohana Foundation. Camp Ohana provides a variety of programs in clean water, health, agriculture, education, and wildlife stewardship to children across Kenya. Unwavering in its dedication to open the eyes of Kenyan children to their worldwide family, or “ohana,” the foundation encourages volunteers from all walks of life to get involved. Camp Ohana always aims to do everything possible to make Kenya's forgotten children tomorrow's leaders.


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