CamaPlan Announces Self Directed IRA Services Available To Everyone

CamaPlan begins media campaign to raise the awareness of the advantages of self directed IRA plans.

According to a survey conducted recently by Equity Trust Company, 62% of the investors said they currently held traditional IRAs, 53% a Roth and 44% a 401 (k) as a retirement plan. Nearly half of those surveyed said they consider their IRAs an active investment tool, one they leverage by self-directing through a self-directed IRA custodian. This self directed IRA trend is becoming quite common, says CamaPlan principal Maggie Polisano.

"For investors growing more confident in their own abilities to manage their own money, nothing makes as much sense as a self directed Roth IRA. A self-directed IRA is the faster, safer way to financial freedom. Those saving for their retirement can experience true freedom to choose what types of investments they want to hold in their individual retirement account. Says Polisano. She continues, "Self-directed IRA services empower you as the owner of the IRA to use your expertise and knowledge to grow your wealth and secure your future. Many new investors don't realize you can use your IRA to buy real estate, precious metals and mortgage notes. Actually, there are a broad range of common permitted investments in which an IRA can invest beyond the usual stocks and mutual funds."

Traditional brokers typically have a financial motivation to direct their clients into the financial products from which their company directly or indirectly profits. Polisano says with a neutral third party company administering accounts, however, it's a different experience. "For example, at CamaPlan it is different; our only role is to administer accounts and educate our clients on self-directed IRA rules and opportunities. Types of retirement plans which are available to self-directed account holders include the Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Individual(k), and Inherited IRA."

Polisano says to investors, "Who knows your retirement investment goals better than you do? When you open a CamaPlan self-directed IRA, you gain access to the investment options which are usually only available to very wealthy or well-connected individuals. Why should you be limited to the narrow range of options brokers offer because it earns them commissions? Your money will work harder for you when you choose more secure and lucrative assets based on your own preferences. The only difference between self-directed IRAs and retirement accounts controlled by big fund management companies is who makes the decisions. We are determined to make the public aware of the numerous advantages of elf directed IRA plans" She concludes.

About CamaPlan:
CamaPlan was founded by veteran investors Carl Fischer and Maggie Polisano as a company run “for investors, by investors.” Since its inception, the name “CamaPlan” has come to be synonymous with expertise, flexibility, responsiveness, and diversity of investment choices. CamaPlan first made its mark in its local market by providing superior client service and expert guidance to investors seeking the freedom and flexibility of a self-directed IRA, and it is now offering the same friendly, personalized service to investors across the country. CamaPlan continues to provide innovative investment opportunities for savvy investors seeking direct control and more choices in how they deploy their investment capital.

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