Calling All Female Entrepreneurs Who Want Their Personal Time Back

Learn how to scale your business with self-led teams without having to be "on" 24/7 during the FREE five-day workshop led by coaches Alexis Lenihan and Mehreen Siddiqui.

Let’s face it, life can be overwhelming. Whether it’s buying groceries, working, volunteering, furthering their educations, or anything in between, women are juggling a million things at once, all while maintaining a smile on their faces. Often this superpower to juggle all aspects of life at once requires immense organization and poise. However, it can also bring a lot of personal sacrifice. So, what would you do if you had 10+ hours to dedicate to your own life and reaching your own achievements?

This is where Goal Set Coach comes in.

Certified High Performance Coaches Alexis Lenihan and Mehreen Siddiqui are thrilled to announce the start of their free, five-day workshop geared toward helping women take back their lives and achieve their ultimate life and business goals. This comprehensive masterclass is for women who are ready to become work-life balanced CEOs, who are able to take vacations without worrying that their business will fall apart. Participants walk away with a roadmap to creating their 7-Figure business which ultimately starts with leveling-up their mindset. Both Alexis and Mehreen have over 30 years combined of coaching experience and are prepared to share their best strategies about leading and managing self-led teams with driven women leaders. Their masterclass launches only six times per year.

By becoming part of this masterclass, participants will be able to engage in 5 days of live, interactive training sessions, Q&A sessions, as well as a high-touch concierge/mentor to guide them through every step of the process. Here is what a previous client shared: “The program has been an immeasurable blessing in my life!” If you’re ready to join a group of women leaders, subscribe to join the waitlist and scale your mindset, business and life today!

Goal Set Coach was founded in 2019 to help professionals around the world crush their personal and professional goals. Mehreen has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies and in Corporate America as a whole. She finds her true passion in helping women achieve their life goals through effective communication and ambitious leadership skills. Alexis not only has hands-on experience being a juggling mom of two boys, but also is one of only 800 coaches globally certified by The High Performance Institute. She contributes a refreshing approach to the world of coaching by promoting purposeful action and determination as the basis for achieving high potential.

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