Callagenix Ltd Showcases Flexible and Reliable Phone Services for Businesses

Any business can have an 0800 or 0844 phone number that's easy to set up, easy to use, and reliable by visiting for more information.

Industry experts state businesses with 0800 numbers are considered more reliable and efficient by customers. These phone numbers can generate as much as three times the number of calls as a regional number and likewise encourage customer loyalty. While typically used for sales and marketing purposes, businesses can choose from a random number or one easily remembered by customers.

Callagenix Ltd., a hosted telephone service, has been providing flexible telephone services since 1999. The company offers 0880, 0844, and a variety of other phone numbers to fit just about any business' needs.

Tony Jenkins, spokesperson for Callagenix Ltd. stated, "We have a variety of packages designed to work for any business, from a start-up with just a couple of employees to a large corporation. We can tailor our services to the exact requirements for the business so they can get the ideal phone service solution they need."

The 0800 and 0808 phone numbers can be used with basic or advanced services. The numbers are free to call from landlines and mobile phones, easily recognizable, and can help improve a business' credibility.

"We have thousands of numbers available," stated Jenkins. "Business can even choose from the gold and platinum ranges for a small charge to obtain a phone number that's easily recognizable by their customers." Businesses can visit to learn about the benefits and services for 0800 numbers.

At, businesses can learn about the 0844 numbers available. Another popular choice, these numbers help the business earn an income through the received phone calls. Callagenix offers businesses the chance to earn up to 1.25p/min of each phone call to offset their running costs or use to build small amounts of revenue. This could be perfect for charity organizations or fundraisers.

Callagenix Ltd. urges businesses to view their website at to learn more about the phone numbers that are available and to find out which one will be right for their needs. Whether the business would prefer a toll-free phone number for their customers or to earn a little bit of money when a customer calls, Callagenix offers the solution.

"Our company is ready to help any business owner obtain the telephone services needed to improve their business, gain new customers, and retain their current customers," stated Jenkins. "We have a full range of flexible services so we can provide an effective solution no matter what the business's needs are."

About Callagenix Ltd:

Since 1999, Callagenix has been offering a variety of telephone services to businesses across the UK. The company is a registered Premium Rate network provider with PhonepayPlus and is an Ofcom registered carrier. Callagenix has their own range of UK non-geographical number blocks and agreements with over 100 countries around the world to provide local and free phone numbers. Their focus is to work closely with each business to determine their telephone needs and help them start using the services needed to boost their business. The company prides itse

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