California Uninsured Drivers and the Limits on Auto Accident Damages Will Stay the Same For 2016

2015’s Most and Least Risky States for Drivers’ Wallets has California as being Number 3 on the list as the riskiest State with unchecked uninsured drivers and the costs to the economy and tax payer is on the rise.

Driving a vehicle in the state of California without insurance for an auto accident is against the law. There are severe penalties for those who drive in California and do not have the minimum requirements of 15/30/5 coverage, which means $15,000 per person for bodily injuries, $30,000 total per accident, and $5,000 for property damage.

These amounts are ridiculously low and do not even come close the actual expenses occurred in car accident claims. Just ask any competent auto accident attorney or personal injury lawyer. Medical bills alone can easily be in the tens of thousands. Nevertheless, these are the minimum requirements under California law and that is what accident lawyers have to deal with in the case of a personal injury. Learn more on Best Questions to Ask an Auto Accident Personal Injury Attorney here:

Uninsured Drivers are a Serious Problem -
The Insurance Information Institute notes that about 12.6% of drivers on the roadways or in California one in eight drivers are uninsured. For this reason, many opt for additional “uninsured motorist coverage,” so that they do not have to rely on the insurance, or the lack of insurance, for the other driver who caused the accident.

It is bad enough when one has an accident, not knowing what to do in a car accident, but what happens after a car accident might be worse, when a person is involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. Few people know how to deal with a car accident or what to do after a car accident. - 12 Best Steps to Take Following an Auto Accident here:

There are three basic types of car accident claims:
- Car Accident no Police Called - This is like a minor “fender-bender” in a parking lot.
- Car Accident Without Police Report - This is more serious, but the damage is mostly to the vehicle and not to the occupants.
- Car Accident with Police Involvement - This is the most serious type of accident where people are seriously hurt or killed.

For the first type of accident, if the person causing the accident is uninsured, it is best to work with a car accident lawyer, especially if there is difficulty getting reimbursement for the cost of the repairs. There are plenty of car accident lawyers California that can help with this problem. The uninsured person that caused the accident is already in violation of the law by not having insurance and that means they need to pay for the damages or face further legal troubles.

For the second type of accident, it is best to work with a car accident lawyer in California to insure the rights of a person get proper protection, especially in the case of any dispute.

For the third type of accident, when law enforcement is already involved, the police that arrive on the scene document the issues. Any uninsured motorists involved in an accident, even an accident they did not cause, cannot claim non-monetary loss damages. Read more on injury victim rights after a car accident here:

Getting Medical Help -
For those involved in an auto accident in California that happened due to an uninsured motorist and there is ongoing litigation by an auto accident attorney, it is possible to get the medical help needed and pay for the services out of the proceeds from the settlement of the lawsuit. This is especially useful when health insurance and other insurance do not cover the cost of the necessary medical care. The medical bills become a lien against the ultimate proceeds of the case.

Being in an auto accident is traumatic -
Consumers should seek competent legal counsel to protect their rights, especially when any uninsured motorist is involved in the accident. If an individual, family member, co-worker, friend have been in an motor vehicle accident collision recently. They need to speak with a California Auto Accident Lawyer or Personal Injury Law Firm immediacy. Contact the law offices of Alexander D. Napolin a California Injury Lawyer who specializes in car accident, motorcycle, big rig, truck, pedestrian, train and plane accident injury claims. Contact today. 1 (714) 265-7526 - ask for Alexander D. Napolin.

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