CACH Token A Cryptocurrency With A Reserve Fund And Consumer Protection

The CACH token will be released for sale on Jan 15th, 2022. The token has a reserve fund and built in consumer protection, 50% locked in liquidity and earning opportunities for holders.

The CACH Token will create an environment to decentralize crowdfunding and venture capital. With the introduction of stock bearing tokens for companies it will enable them to raise funds privately, crowd fund or IPO's. Decentralizing crowdfunding with secured cryptography, nearly impossible to counterfeit or double spend.

The Token will have a reserve fund and consumer protection for token holders.The CACH Token will be released for sale in limited quantities for a soft launch on January 15, 2022. The sale will be conducted by .

The token sale will include 50% liquidity locking for 365 days, reserve fund creation of 39% of sales and 11% going towards exchange fees, expenses and advertising. The token has low per-transaction fees

Token holders will have future opportunities of liquidity mining, yield farming, and investing in startups with the CACH token. Distribution of tokens will be released yearly to support sustainability of the token earning potential and appreciation of the reserve fund. Current distributions will run from 2022 - 2103.

The cache DEFI team is developing a robust community engagement site for crowdfunding, transparency and governance for the CACH token. The platform will reduce the fees for the startup teams ensuring more money in the hands of the startups and providing more value for the investors. Reducing startup cost for business when seeking funding benefits all parties involved. A decentralized platform will create opportunities for developing economies and opportunities that are not currently available.

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Before loaning or earning with your tokens a discussion of risk factors should be considered by prospective token holders and their advisors in assessing the appropriateness of using cryptocurrency in this way. Cryptocurrencies are not guaranteed, their values change frequently, and past performance may not be repeated.

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