C.S. Lewis Institute Provides Pastors Network Resources to Support Ministers

The C.S. Lewis Institute wants to work with and support ministry staff from across denominations.

The organization's Pastor Network includes online resources for church leaders as well as networks in several cities. Pastors are encouraged to work together and with the Institute to create and participate in fellowship, worship and encouragement opportunities, and the Institute is planning to grow the network further in the future.

Online, the Institute provides a number of resources for pastors. In addition to the extensive archives and learning materials in the C.S. Lewis Institute's online article and video library, pastors and church leaders can access several videos from the Pastor Network page and request a pamphlet called Praying for Pastors. Pastors can also find information about events and workshops held by the Institute on the website or via the organization's free mobile app. Events and education workshops are held at various locations across the United States and sometimes in international locations.

In an attempt to expand its support of pastors outside of the website and accompanying mobile app, the C.S. Lewis Institute has begun offering services through what it calls local or regional branches. Appointed City Directors oversee these efforts in locations where the organization has developed a direct presence. As of Oct. 2017, cities with a local branch included Annapolis, Maryland; Atlanta, Georgia; Belfast; Chicago, Illinois; and Washington, DC. The Institute has also established regional branches in Northeast Ohio and Central Pennsylvania.

Each branch has its own page on the C.S. Lewis Institute website, and pastors and other interested individuals can use those pages to find out about scheduled speaking events, workshops and conferences. Each branch may also support informal gatherings, which allow church leaders to come together for prayer, Bible study, fellowship, mentorship and like-minded discussion.

Individuals can call or visit local branch offices to find out more about the services provided by each or to seek assistance directly from staff with C.S. Lewis Fellowship Program applications. Each branch page on the C.S. Lewis Institute website provides an address, contact email and contact phone number for the city and a brief biography of the current City Director. Some pages provide links to branch-specific social media accounts, making it easy for interested parties to find out about local or regional events or develop engaging relationships with others who are interested in the same things.

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