C-ing Polkadots Arts and Crafts Store Opens New Website to Sell Decor and More

C-ing Polkadots is a unique craft store that offers a full-service website to its customers. The recent addition of the site allows users to shop for necessary items and learn about the company, as well as its passion for art and craft.

C-ing Polkadots welcomes visitors to its new website this week, designed to reach out to clients around the country who need arts and crafts supplies, home décor, and other related products. They claim to include handcrafted treasures and "whimsical elegance" in a variety of décor and art categories that will fill any home with beautiful designs. The store has been located in Owensboro for years, but now has gone virtual to reach a wider audience within their specialty market.

Hand-crafted arts and décor are a limited market these days, which is why this company saw a chance to create a success story by developing a website. They wanted to reach out to more people and give them the chance to get unique products and supplies for their homes and hobbies, and to educate people on just what they do. Visitors will find all kinds of information at the site, including a picture of the physical storefront that is as charming as some of the products that they sell.

The site includes all of the basic information and sections that people have come to expect along with a blog and product categories in their virtual store for all the online shopping that people have in mind. This company creates and sells a variety of decorative and artsy items, including original artwork, and gives people the chance to find something unique that they can enjoy for less than most specialty stores.

C-ing Polkadots has all kinds of local art and unique treasures from around the region and around the country. The owner likes original pieces and unique artwork and she uses her skills and passion to find the best pieces for her audience. The shop is open to the public and the website is available 24 hours a day. Consumers can learn more by visiting www.c-ingpolkadots.com or by contacting Carol Reader via the information provided below. The website is a new avenue to reach people and it appears to be starting on the right foot for C-ing Polkadots.

Company Info:
C-ing Polkadots is an arts store that offers a variety of whimsical and fun creations. The store is owned by Carol Reader, who has a passion for local artists and art. She has worked hard to build the business and fill it with original pieces that you won't find twice, home décor, jewelry, and other gift items. The business is supported by her faith and gives her the chance to have fun in what she does for a living. In 2013, the store realized its need for a virtual presence and built the e-commerce site to complement the store.

Contact Info:
Name: Carol Reader
Email: Send Email
Website: http://www.c-ingpolkadots.com

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