Business Funding Makeover Reaches a New Milestone with over 92% Shopper Approval

One of the nation’s top business credit companies has achieved high review ratings and approval from thousands of customers.

Representatives with Business Funding Makeover, Inc . announced today that the company has reached 3,600 shopper reviews at with more than 92 percent saying they would recommend the service to a friend.

“We are always about delivering the very best service at the most competitive price,” said Lacy Covington, executive director and spokesperson for Business Funding Makeover, Inc., a company that specializes in helping business owners receive business credit.

Covington explained that Business Funding Makeover, Inc., which is geared toward entrepreneurs and those who are starting a business, solves the main problem that most people in business eventually run into: the need for credit.

“We solve the problem,” Covington stressed before adding, “You need business credit, but you have no business credit, bad personal credit, or a reluctance to risk your personal credit. Growing your small or new business or covering seasonal variations requires a line of business credit, and we help get that.”

The availability of Business Funding Makeover’s services could prove to have perfect timing.

According to a recent study nationally, the approval rate for small business loans at big banks was 17.8%.

For $399 (but FREE to begin) Covington pointed out business owners can buy a solution that has worked for thousands and thousands of clients over the years.

Covington noted that business credit is available for start-ups, new businesses, or existing businesses from thousands of lenders and companies across America without using personal credit.

“We guide you through the process of accessing business credit,” Covington said before adding, “We show you what trade lines to get. We also show you which official documents need to filled out with the government and when they need to be filled out. Our program also includes free corporation or LLC paperwork for you to send in. In just a few months you will have $50,000 in business credit and be on your way to getting business credit cards and business loans.”

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Source: Business Funding Makeover, Inc.

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