Business-Focused Law Firm Announces Membership Program

In today’s economy, over 96% of businesses fail in the first ten years of operation. Becoming a member of Fisher Stone’s network of business owners and entrepreneurs will guarantee that you and your business will become part of the elusive 4% that stays in business!

Fisher Stone, an innovative and entrepreneurial-focused business law firm, is now offering a membership program for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. Obtaining a membership will benefit past, current, and future entrepreneurs and offer all members an opportunity to discuss any issues they may be having in their businesses with the lawyers at the firm as well as other members who also own businesses. Designed by the licensed attorneys and businesspersons who founded Fisher Stone, this membership has been thoughtfully crafted in order to benefit all types of start-ups and businesses (including C-Corp, S-Corp, and LLCs) and help members navigate the running of their business with clear and focused advise on any topic they choose. The membership will cover opportunities to partake in conversations about strategies, common mistakes businesses make, discussion regarding clients/customers, marketing and much more! With a membership, entrepreneurs will learn answers to the many questions they have that may be interfering with the creation and/or running of their business.

Obtaining a membership with Fisher Stone guarantees that members will acquire the knowledge necessary to choose a business entity form, state of incorporation, and even an enticing company name. They can also learn how to save money on business taxes, reduce incorporation costs, and understand the duties and potential liability a business owner might take on by choosing a particular entity. In addition to all of that valuable information, members will have the opportunity to discuss the basics of the fundraising process and unveil the single most important contract to have in your possession when you begin to incorporate a company. To put it simply, those who become members at Fisher Stone will have all of the tools necessary to start and run their business effectively as well as have the opportunity to make business contacts that will be invaluable to them in the future.

Fisher Stone is a young and energetic law firm that prides themselves on being a team of creative minds with legal knowledge and the evidence proving that notion is insurmountable. Founded by two businessmen at heart with an early passion for entrepreneurship, Fisher Stone is staffed by a legal team that fully believes in and supports the success of their clients. It is that legal team that works together every day to make the business ventures of their clients soar to unimaginable levels. Teamwork is the center of Fisher Stone; it is their desire to team up with businesses and entrepreneurs and work together to achieve goals that were once deemed as inconceivable. Those who work at Fisher Stone are proud of the work they do for their clients and will always go the extra mile in order to deliver results. They use creative tactics to get the job done, stopping at nothing to make sure their clients have everything they need to make sure their business succeeds.

Fisher Stone is the perfect law firm for entrepreneurs because they are entrepreneurs as well. The entire team at Fisher Stone knows and understands the struggles that are associated with starting and running a company, which makes them empathetic and instills a fierce passion in them for helping entrepreneurs. The services that Fisher Stone provides to their clients include, but are not limited to, entity formation, business and corporate strategy, asset/stock purchase and sale, start-up funding documents, business disputes (stockholder, director, and member), and government licenses (both New York and Federal). Their track-record for helping and creating strong relationships with entrepreneurs and those in business has made it clear that if you are starting or running a business, you ought to team up with Fisher Stone.

The membership program that Fisher Stone is offering for business owners and entrepreneurs will be comprised of all kinds of businesses that include large businesses, mom and pop shops, highly successful businesses, and struggling entrepreneurs. The diversity of those included in the membership will ensure that discussions regarding business topics and issues will be varied, helpful, and insightful; members will walk away with valuable information they could not have gathered without the opportunity to participate in the discussions. Fisher Stone has created an extremely symbiotic relationship through this membership as members will be able to ask any questions they have to other business owners as well as the lawyers in the firm themselves. The team at Fisher Stone was inspired to offer the opportunity for those in the community to become members of this organization because they know how important it is for entrepreneurs to have the correct information; it is absolutely essential in the creating, running, and ultimate success of their business. In today’s economy, over 96% of businesses fail in the first ten years of operation. Becoming a member of Fisher Stone’s network of business owners and entrepreneurs will guarantee that you and your business will not only become part of the elusive 4% that stays in business, but will also ensure that your success story includes correct knowledge about running a business, persistence in keeping that business successful, and business contacts that are dedicated to helping your business soar.

If you have questions about Fisher Stone or the membership program, please call (212) 256-1877 or e-mail The team at Fisher House is incredibly excited to answer any questions you may have and give you guidance about your business that you are sure to find extremely valuable.

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