Building SDA and Social Housing in Western Australia

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WAI Group in collaboration with Fortitude Living and architect Gianpaulo Crugnale in new social housing project.

Gianpaolo Crugnale is a multi-award-winning architect who designs homes that are not only unique, he combines the client's and architect's visions to create something that meets the needs and requirements of each individual, whether you are looking for affordable social housing or you require a home that meets your SDA category.

They are a leading company in Australia that specializes in this type of construction, with an aim to provide the best social housing - and NDIS SDA housing in Australia.

WAI Group believes that every individual has a right to a home that is customized and modified to each individual’s needs, whether that’s social housing or disability housing.

They have been providing NDIS and SDA housing since 2017, working with people with various disabilities and accommodation needs, even more so now with chronic housing shortages across the state.

The homes being constructed are beautiful villas with special, super modern features, such as adjustable benches, video intercoms, motorized door openers, and blinds, etc. All with the purpose and the aim to improve the quality and comfort of life for each individual residing there. Other features include raised garden beds for any potential wheelchair user, as well as emergency power backup supplies, to prevent any potential power outages affecting any vital medical equipment that the residents might require.

The most important piece of the puzzle, however, is to provide each resident with the opportunity of obtaining as much independence as possible, regardless of what their current situation may be.

“Our architecturally designed and furnished homes are designed to maximize daily independence and quality of life.” -

Each individual villa can house up to 3 residents, each with their own private room and ensuite, providing a possibility for families to navigate daily life together and maneuver what may have been a more difficult daily routine without these beautiful, customized villas.

The aim is to not only provide customized accommodation to those who need it but also accommodations that are affordable. The team and partners behind the housing have many years' worth of experience designing and building high-quality homes.

“Fortitude team brings many years of experience to every project, combining architectural expertise and innovation with the pragmatic aspect of special needs, design, and building excellence.” - Fortitude living

Contact Info:
Name: Melissa Ode
Email: Send Email
Organization: WAI Group
Address: WAI Group, GF 8 Parliament Place, West Perth, 6005
Phone: (08) 9267 3800

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Name: Melissa Ode
Email: Send Email
Organization: WAI Group
Address: WAI Group, GF 8 Parliament Place, West Perth, 6005