Brookings Rent-All Launches a Winter Preparedness Campaign

Homeowners need to begin preparing now to ensure their property is ready for any bad weather that comes and to plan for home improvement projects they wish to complete, Announces

Winter will be here before people know it, thus now is the time to begin preparing for bad weather. Brookings Rent-All offers a wide range of items that can be of help when ensuring a home or business is ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store. This includes lawn and garden equipment, power tools and excavators. No property owner wants to find that their French drain is clogged and their property is flooding as a result or that they didn't split enough wood to outlast a power outage during a winter storm. With the help of Brookings Rent-All, every person can be prepared long before the first cold snap.

"First and foremost, homes with a wood burning stove need to make certain they have enough wood to last the winter. Although it is hard to accurately predict what is needed, it is always best to have too much as opposed to not enough. We have a Stihl chain saw that can be used to cut wood into manageable pieces and a wood splitter to chop this wood into sizes appropriate for the stove to be used," Dave Jacobs, spokesperson for, explains.

Certain projects may need to be undertaken to protect the property from the elements. Roofs need to be checked at this time for missing shingles or other damage, windows and doors need to be examined to ensure they are properly caulked and more. Various tools are needed to maintain the home, yet a property owner may not wish to purchase these tools simply because they don't use them frequently.

"Contact us at to learn more about the household tools we have on hand. Whether a customer is in need of a sander, a jig saw or a table saw to prepare their property for bad weather, we have one available to rent. However, it is best to take these steps early to ensure the tools are available when you need them for your project," Jacobs recommends.

When it is cold outside, many families choose to use this time to complete home improvement projects they have been putting off. Brookings Rent-All can be of assistance here also. The company rents everything from floor sanders and cleaners to carpet cleaning equipment. A wallpaper steamer is available also to remove old wallpaper and replace it with a new coat of paint or an updated version of wallpaper that the homeowner loves.

"Our goal is to stock every type of equipment a person may need to care for or improve their property. Call us today to discuss renting an air compressor, a tractor or an excavator. We'll help you find the equipment needed to make your project easier at a price you can afford," Jacobs declares.

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