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MoIPTV is a website that specializes in reviewing, guiding, and introducing moIPTV services. IPTV is the future of television viewing, content delivery, and streaming that will further expand the technological and innovative improvement of the world and our lifestyle.

MoIPTV is a website that specializes in reviewing, guiding, and introducing moIPTV services. IPTV is the future of television There is an ongoing dynamic shift from traditional broadcasting modes like satellite TV or cable into internet-based streaming. This transitional phase marks an important turning point in global innovation and IPTV as a system contributes a major part to it. Easy access to content and its consumption are what concerns viewers rather than having its own. Internet-based Protocol Television or in short IPTV delivers on-demand or live videos and TV programs. The system delivers digital television service to the subscriber through IP technology using an internet connection or broadband. IPTV consists of multiple TV sets that can be accessed through a single subscription which is different from digital video content on video-streaming platforms. IPTV comes with various user conveniences that make them a better option for TV and video content viewing.

TV channels are delivered to the user's set-up box through IP based networks. They deliver content through the same model rendering websites, email, and other Internet services. Instead of the cable or the satellite, videos are requested through IP based networks. IPTV has the advantage of storing content on servers at the transmitting end. Hence, users can request content through the use of the Internet anytime they want to accept live telecasts. IPTV works similar to Internet browsing. Using Internet Protocol, the video is delivered to the viewer. When a specific videos program or request is raised, the different video sources or servers are divided into data packets which are then sent overusing the Internet. Programs are transmitted through servers using fiber-optic cables via the Internet. Shows are sent back whereas requests are sent out.

IPTV provides various interactive services apart from just transmitting television channels:

Video on Demand- This is the individual delivery of content to the subscriber. It is stored in the VoD server's media library which can be accessed at all times by the user.

Near Video on Demand- A pay-per-view video service, it allows multiple viewers to avail of the nVoD services. A broadcasting schedule is set and compiled that can be accessed and watched by the subscribers based on their preferences.

Time-shifted TV- Subscribers can view live shows and broadcasts. One can playback and resume videos as per their convenience. TV programs also have rewind options that make the whole experience a lot more convenient and user-friendly.

TV on Demand- This entails the recording of selected TV channels for the convenient viewing of the user.

Live Television- Interactivity may or may not be added to live TV broadcasting and shows.

The growth of IPTV has reached a dynamic growth, especially in the past few years. Currently, there are over 130 million IPTV subscribers across the world. The growth has been exponential especially in the past few years. As per statistics, Asia and Europe are leading in the number of IPTV subscribers. However, North America and Europe garner the highest revenues as the average revenue per user is very low in India and China which surprisingly are the fastest-growing markets in Asia. The IPTV market is expected to grow further exponentially. The numbers point at a whopping USD 93.59 billion in the year 2021. The predictions are only pointing at a stupendous flourish in the way television and video content has been consumed over the years of technological and innovative changes. IPTV is set to take over the cable at a substantial rate although satellite platforms will continue to grow its market as they are the ones that feed channels for distribution across the broadband infrastructure. IPTV is available in many countries including China, India, Russia, France, Britain, Canada, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, and Sweden among many others. It is expected that the popularity of IPTV will further transition towards SVOD and OTT with the global resurgence of platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, etc.

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