Broadconnect Telecom Announces Launch of New, Redesigned Website

Brand new website is more informative and easier to use than previous one, includes a fresh, modern look, and works great with mobile devices, Broadconnect Telecom reports

Telephony specialist Broadconnect Telecom announced the launch of the company's new, improved website. The new website makes it even easier and simpler than before for visitors to learn about Broadconnect's many high-quality service offerings and also boasts an appealing visual design. Making use of responsive design techniques, the website scales and flows automatically to provide an excellent user experience on mobile devices. Visitors can enjoy the new website at starting immediately.

"Our mission is making sure that every business has an opportunity to enjoy the advantages of advanced, reliable IP telephony," Broadconnect Telecom representative Jason Stephen Ali stated, "Our new website is an important step toward this goal, as it is extremely informative and simple to navigate, making it easier than ever for business leaders to discover and learn about their IP telephony options."

Although the use of Internet-protocol, or IP, networks for voice calls has held promise for many businesses for years, many have found that the usual solutions can be lacking in terms of the reliability and call quality that are so critical for important communications. Since the company's founding, Broadconnect Telecom has attacked this problem head-on, an effort that ultimately resulted in the creation of the proprietary Broadconnect Voice Over Private Internet, or VoPI™, technology.

Avoiding the public networks that are too often the causes of dropped calls and inferior quality with other IP telephony services, Broadconnect VoPI™ routes traffic through secured, managed Broadconnect Telecom data centers, so that every packet can be safeguarded until the information it carries emerges onto traditional phone networks. Delivering an industry-leading degree of reliability and unmatched levels of security, this approach has made Broadconnect Telecom one of the industry's top providers and earned it praise from customers and telephony experts.

The new Broadconnect Telecom website details this unique technology as well as Broadconnect's many best-in-class service offerings. Broadconnect hosted pbx services, for example, make use of VoPI™ to deliver simple, cost-effective IP telephony for organizations of any size, along with many advanced features that are simply not possible with conventional telephony. Broadconnect sip trunking allows customers with PBX systems based on the widely used Session Initiation Protocol to easily connect them to the wider world, while once again enjoying the many advantages of Broadconnect's widely admired VoPI™ technology.

The new Broadconnect Telecom is available immediately to all visitors and will provide a rewarding experience on mobile devices as well as computers with larger screens. In addition to learning more about Broadconnect's services and technologies, readers can also stay up to date with the latest developments in the world of telephony at the Broadconnect Telecom blog. Visitors to the new website can also easily get in touch with Broadconnect sales advisors to ask questions or make arrangements for service.

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Emphasizing quality, reliability, and security while still delivering the most cost-effective options available, Broadconnect Telecom has become a clear leader in the world of IP-based telephony services.

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