Broadcast Technology – True Second Screen Engagement To Be Unveiled At NABShow 2017

The FarQR Code, just released by broadcast technology startup Sodyo, enables second screen TV-to-Mobile Interaction and is The Most Effective Solution for Non-Intrusive, Direct Response Engagement for TV and Digital Video Broadcasting.

Sodyo provides TV and Digital Video Broadcasters the technology for a 360-degree engagement approach to interact with their valued audience, via the FarQR Code, the easiest path from the second screen to the first – “TV-to-Mobile”.

Please Click Here to meet the Sodyo team at NABShow 2017 and discover the real value of your audience as a digital unit in today’s mobile driven world.

The FarQR Code by Sodyo is unique in these 4 ways:

• Distance – FarQR Codes have a detection range of at least 100 times the size of the code, which is similar to the observation distance of a normal human eye. Order of magnitude (~ x10) longer scanning distance versus size compared to other coding methods. For example, a 5X5 cm FarQR Code can be detected by a typical smartphone from at least 5 meters, in perfect match with TV viewing requirements.

• Omni Media – FarQR Codes can be used on any media or platform such as TV, LED displays, LCDs, billboards, projection and print of any type.

• Fast – When viewers scan TV content, the ad/content appears on their smartphone instantly due to Sodyo’s optimized content delivery.

• Design Worthy – FarQR Codes can be customized to any shape. For example, you can easily design and deploy a marker in the shape of a shopping cart or car.

Meet the Sodyo team at NABShow 2017

According to Sodyo’s Sales Manager for the Americas Avdiel Canó, “Broadcasters place a FarQR Code on their TV content or commercials. The viewer points their phone to the screen, and interactive content instantly appears on the phone. FarQR Codes allow interaction between the two most important screens in our lives – TV and smartphone. Thanks to FarQR Codes, broadcasters can enrich content, engage and captivate the audience in ways they never imagined possible.”

Avdiel Canó will be attending NABShow 2017 in Las Vegas. NABShow attendees, specially broadcast networks and TV Channels, are invited to schedule a live demonstration of FarQR Codes by clicking here.

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Contact Info:
Name: Avdiel Canó
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Organization: Sodyo, LTD
Address: 18 Abba Even St. Herzliya, Israel
Phone: 347-414-8117

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