Brighten the Face Easily with the Right Blush Color, Beauty Junkees Reports

Women need to consider their skin tone and undertones when selecting a blush color today, announces

Individuals across the country emerge from lockdown or stay-at-home orders only to realize their makeup routine needs updating. A lack of exposure to the sun leaves them looking pale and listless. Fortunately, choosing the right blush color for the skin tone helps to overcome this problem.

Countless women, however, don't know how to select the right shade. Beauty Junkees ( offers help and advice for ladies in this situation.

Skin tone plays a major role in blush color choices. Fair skin, the whitest, burns easily in the sun, while light skin contains slightly more yellow to beige, although it remains pale. Medium skin tends to have olive tones, and dark skin features a deep complexion. Women must determine which category they fall into before moving forward with choosing a blush color.

Along with the tone of the skin, women must account for the undertone. The undertone provides more insight into the skin's hue. For instance, women with a dark complexion may have honey-warm undertones, and the undertones determine the makeup colors that work best for her skin.

Experts define cool undertones as pinks, reds, and blues. In contrast, warm tones include yellows, peaches, and golds. Moderate or neutral tones bring together warm and cool hues in a nice balance or come in olive.

Women frequently find it difficult to determine their undertones, and veins offer an easy way to assess this skin characteristic. Blue or purple veins indicate cool undertones and green ones suggest a warm undertone. Women with a mix of blue to green have a neutral or moderate undertone.

If confusion persists, women need to look no further than their jewelry box. Women with warm undertones look better in gold jewelry, while women with cool undertones find silver accessories look best.

Another way to determine skin undertones is to think about how the skin reacts to sun exposure. Women who darken in the sun without burning have warm or neutral undertones. Ladies who burn easily in the sun feature cool undertones.

Once females know their tone and undertone, choosing the appropriate makeup colors becomes easier. Cool undertones look best in pale pink blush that emphasizes the rosy hue of the skin. Combine this blush with blue eyeshadows and pink, red, or purple lip colors.

Warm undertones benefit from the use of eyeshadows in earthy hues, coral tones for the cheeks, and dark reds for the lips. Neutral undertones allow for more color choices, as women find they can wear almost any shade with ease. However, experts recommend women stick with shades that complement the eye and hair color.

The right shade flatters the skin, while the wrong shade ages the woman. An easy way to choose blush requires the cheeks to be pinched. Pinching the cheeks highlights their natural rosy hue, and this is the color women should look for when buying blush.

Light pinks highlight pale, fair skin without overwhelming the complexion. Light lilac or pink shades provide a wash of color that flatter the woman's complexion. Light-medium skin benefits from the use of blush in a pink or peachy-pink shade, but women with skin containing olive or golden tones need warmer hues with a pinker blush. Dark complexions look great in warm undertones and bright hues, such as apricot, as they make the skin look radiant.

Don't hide inside because the stay-at-home orders have left the skin looking less than ideal. Choose a blush that highlights the skin based on the tone and undertones. Women who do so find they look and feel their best at all times.

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