Bright LED Signs Offer Affordable Green Alternative To Neon Signage For Business Users

Bright LED Signs offer LED alternatives to popular neon business signage and have authored a complete guide to getting the best out of this 21st century purchase.

Companies create an identity through their brand, an instantly identifiable signature that is associated with the product or service they provide. This brand is commonly implemented with signage. Signage communicates the notion that a brand and its associated products and services can be found at a specific location. For many years, neon signage was used to make brands stand out. Now, Bright LED Signs are offering a 21st century alternative that lasts longer, uses less energy and is better for the environment. They are also about to publish a guide that will help businesses leverage LED signage to its maximum potential.

The guide will include information on gestalt theories of creating images from dot matrixes, new research on the complexity of color use in customer engagement, and the flexibility of options available to them to maximize these features in creating identifiable branded signage using LEDs.

LEDs have many advantages over neon, chiefly being their energy efficiency for businesses which makes them less expensive to operate, but they are also created using more environmentally friendly methods and are more robust than delicate neon tubes prone to breakage, as well as “mercury migration”, which can obscure the message.

A spokesperson for explained, “Our ultimate business signage will explain why LED Signs are a smart choice for businesses small and large, and will be launching early next week. We have taken to editorializing our business because it helps us tell the story of how our products can and have been used to best effect. This captures the attention of potential buyers…just as our bright flashing signage does. With over 5 years of real-world experience in the LED field, you can be assured this guide delivers practical, and useful information.”

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