Brick Markers USA, Inc. Offers Highly Lucrative Fundraising Opportunities

Eliminate the need for bake sales, car washes and other ineffective fundraisers with the help of and their engraved bricks services

Building successful fundraisers is a huge challenge for many organizations. The process of organizing, encouraging participating and then pulling off these events is overwhelming even for well-thought out and planned fundraisers.

Thanks to Brick Markers USA, Inc. laying the foundation for a successful fundraiser is easier than ever before. This company offers patented, laser engraved tiles, pavers, and bricks, offering the ideal fundraising opportunity for any organization, regardless of size or industry.

“We use Vitrix and Vitralase to engrave the selected material, providing you a superior level of quality, design, and options that are unmatched by other engraving methods, including sandblasting,” stated company representative Alex Orgill. “Now, you will find that donors are more than excited to participate and make a donation thanks to the design features and customizations we offer. With our help, you can host a fundraiser that will memorialize the contributions made for an entire lifetime.”

Thanks to the dedication of Brick Markers USA, Inc. to provide unparalleled fundraiser opportunities, each tile, paver and brick that is engraved is backed by a lifetime guarantee that the engraving won’t separate, peel, oxidize, chip or face from the material. Additional information about the guarantee offered by the company is available at

“Our goal is to help you unleash the fundraising potential you have,” continued Orgill. “Some of the features offered by using our engraving services include free shipping, free designs, foreign language font options, extremely competitive pricing with no minimum order amount and more. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your satisfaction and help you host a fundraiser that is successful for your organization.”

Any organization interested in taking advantage of the fundraising opportunity offered by Brick Markers USA, Inc. can visit the website at Here they can learn how to get started with this fundraising opportunity.


Originally incorporated in 1997, the Brick Markers USA, Inc. website is a privately held firm that is committed to a single thing – providing clients with superior fundraising products and opportunities. This company offers profitable fundraising services, as well as marketing strategies that are customized to fit each client’s unique needs. The company is focused on providing superior results and excel in overall customer satisfaction. Today, this company is the industry leader in providing services, products and support out of West Palm Beach, Florida.

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