Brevard County Motorcycle Accident Doesn’t Stop Airmen from Serving

On August 18th, 2017, the Florida Fire Frogs Minor League Baseball team took time out to honor all military servicemen and first responders. Among those honored, one person was deservedly singled out for special recognition, Senior Airman Kevin Greene of the 920th Rescue Wing.

Airman Greene, a health care management technician, first joined the 920th Rescue Wing in June of 2012. His military career was almost cut very short though. On Dec. 17, 2014, while sitting on his motorcycle at a red-light in Melbourne, Florida, he was struck by a car. The accident resulted in the partial loss of his left leg. A loss that if not for his perseverance and will to survive would have seen his time in the service brought to an end.

Greene underwent several surgeries and intensive physical therapy to regain his full mobility. Still, the Air Force Reserve felt he was unfit for duty. On three different occasions, his request for return to duty was denied, but Greene refused to accept no as an answer.

Eventually, after two and a half years or fighting, in March 2017 Greene was granted a final hearing before a medical evaluation board at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. The board’s decision was to have him undergo the U.S. Air Force physical fitness test.

Having spent the intervening time working to get himself into top condition, Greene passed the physical fitness test with ease. The board ruled him fit for service and ordered him returned to duty. This made Senior Airman Greene the first amputee to return to service with the 920th RQW.

“It was fitting to honor Airman Greene for his service,” said Adrian Robles, Fire Frogs marketing manager.
Outside of his time with the Air Force Reserve Senior Airman Greene also serves his Melbourne, FL, community by working with low functioning autistic children as a registered behavioral technician at the Kaleidoscope Interventions Center and coaching basketball at the local recreation center.

Perhaps, the best thoughts of the day came from Brevard County personal injury attorney Brad Sinclair. “I see a lot of motorcyclists suffer injuries similar to Airman Greene’s. Many times, they just give up on life or use their injury as an excuse to quit trying.” He continued, “He (Greene) would have none of that. He not only continued living but fought to have the life he wanted to have. That is the epitome of the Air Force core values 'Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do.'"

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