BraineHealth's Virtual Dr. Diagnosis Using Deep Learning for Triage of Patients.

Dr. Diagnosio acts a virtual doctor with the capability to make both differential diagnoses and to triage. reports

The Swedish company BraineHealth is pleased to announce the development and launch of their virtual doctor platform: Diagnosio. Dr. Diagnosio is a virtual doctor that proposes diagnoses from vital patient data such as age, gender, and patient symptoms. Dr. Diagnosio uses machine-learning methods to match the most relevant diagnoses based on a validated database. With BraineHealth on a mission to continuously improve its capabilities. Dr. Diagnosio is now able to triage patients based on a questionnaire on the patient’s symptoms progression.

In order to extend its capabilities, Dr. Diagnosio starts by by asking the patient additional essential questions about how the symptoms are developing, current discomfort, medication, medical condition and more. By combining this information with the differential diagnoses, Dr. Diagnosio will then inform the patient what to do now - what is called triaging the patient.

"To be able to triage the patient is a part of a completion step for a virtual doctor where the patient now can describe their symptoms, development, and current medical status in natural language. Dr. Diagnosio will suggest potential diagnoses and what to do now so the patient can take action," says Roger Svensson, CEO, and founder of BraineHealth.

To use the platform, the patient starts by visiting this website and tapping in some necessary information such as gender and age and continues with an accurate description of their symptoms in their own words. Dr. Diagnosio will then ask about how the symptoms have developed, about the patient's medication, and some other vital questions. Based on the answers from the patient, Dr. Diagnosio will propose a structured list of potential diagnoses and additional information provided by trusted medical knowledge sources such as Merck Consumer Database, Medline Plus, Mayo Clinic, WebMD and popular search engines.

With this new and crucial extended triage capability, Dr. Diagnosio will tell the patient how severe the situation is and what to do now, if emergency care is needed, or if it is sufficient to visit the local pharmacy store.

The virtual app Dr. Diagnosio can be used by patients to their discretion but is also preferably used together with a family doctor. When needed, Diagnosio will alert the user to seek immediate medical advice for some of the proposed diagnoses.

Dr. Diagnosio also offers a wide array of subscription tiers, including free trials, modified for different family structures. By using Diagnosio, users agree to the Terms and Services.

For those who would like to read more, visit to learn more about the Dr. Diagnosio app and how it can help patients on their path to good health.

About Dr. Diagnosio:

Diagnosio is a differential diagnostic and triage tool that supports patients and doctors to find the correct diagnosis based on the patient's symptoms. Diagnosio is part of BraineHealth´s AI platform powered by Isabel Healthcare. Diagnosio is a trademark of BraineHealth - developing intelligent digital tools for healthcare.

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