Brad Nakase Top 10 Best San Diego Car Accident Lawyers in San Diego

California lawyer Brad Nakase named top 10 best San Diego car accident lawyers by PaxJones. He has recently create a Twitter account and wrote about seo for law firms.

Brad Nakase was recently named one of the top 10 San Diego car accident lawyers by PaxJones. He is admitted in Federal Court to the District of Colorado and the District of Central California. While he has worked in several legal practices such as business and employment law, Brad Nakase’s passion is personal injury law. Since he obtained his California license in 2005, Mr. Nakase has served over a thousand clients, both as defense and plaintiff counsel. He has a reputation for caring about his clients and being transparent about the proceedings of their legal case. As a San Diego car accident lawyer, Brad Nakase is representing his clients in one of the most difficult and confusing times in their lives. His compassion and hunger for justice are just some of the many qualities that have earned him this title. Recently, his law firm has expanded its practices as a lawyer for lawsuit against employer. Mr. Nakase has created a Twitter account which can be reached @LawNakase or widely known by his followers as #comicLawyer. Mr. Nakase recently posted a web page law firm seo to help law firms understand search engine optimization.

In his time as a San Diego car accident lawyer, Brad Nakase has helped thousands of clients win the compensation they need to recover from devastating injuries. Many California attorneys remember the high profile CALTRAN case where Mr. Nakase brought a dozen highway construction companies to justice as a truck accident lawyer. Though Brad Nakase refuses to comment on this case, preferring to protect all parties involved, it is a well-known fact that he won a multi-million dollar settlement for his client.

As a proud San Diegan, Brad Nakase is passionate about giving back to his community. He is a strong believer that the job of an attorney is to make their community a better place. He does this by seeking justice for his clients and by volunteering. Brad Nakase is an active member of the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program which helps to transform the lives of vulnerable members of the San Diego community. In this program, Mr. Nakase champions the homeless, veterans, immigrants, children, pensioners, and domestic abuse survivors. He is a strong believer that everyone has a right to quality legal representation, no matter their circumstances. This is on top of a pro-bono schedule serving those who would struggle to afford legal representation.

Brad Nakase is also a talented business lawyer, representing small startups and tech giants alike. California is a hotbed for emerging technology, and Mr. Nakase is proud to help many home-grown businesses change lives across the world. In the business world, lawsuits are high stake, hours of hard work, and ground-breaking technology can be dashed in the courtroom. As a successful business lawyer, Brad Nakase has won many of his cases, one totaling over $9 million. Bringing an understanding of businesses and accounting to the table is the key to Mr. Nakase’s success. He is there to support companies who are inhibited by dishonest or fraudulent activities of the corporate officer’s trusted to safeguard their business.

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