Boznos Law Office Introduces Legal Solutions For Both Employers and Employees

Thousands of discrimination complaints were filed with the EEOC last year. See how the team at Boznos Law Office is presenting multi-faceted legal solutions at

According to recent statistics, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 4,487 employer discrimination charge receipts in the state of Illinois in 2014. This makes Illinois fourth in the nation for states with the most charge receipts filed, lagging only behind California, Florida, and Texas. Unfortunately, charges filed in the state of Illinois account for more than five percent of total charge receipts across the nation.

It is with these statistics in mind that Boznos Law Office is introducing its employment law services available to both employees and employers. The team at Boznos Law Office wants to help business owners do what they can to stay in compliance with the law and create a peaceful work environment for their employees. For individuals, the firm wants to ensure that justice is served when they are wronged by their employer.

William Boznos, the attorney at the helm of Boznos Law Office, stated “Understanding Employment Law is critical for employers, as there are so many laws that must be followed with respect to their employees. From paying a fair wage to issues surrounding hiring, firing, and promotions, employers put themselves at risk for litigation when they don’t know or follow the rules. Not only do we help employers understand how to successfully navigate employment relationships, but we also have auditing tools and training programs to teach them how to minimize losses by taking the right steps during an internal investigation following an employee complaint.”

Boznos goes on to say, “Our firm also represents employees in disputes with their employers. Many of our clients come to us because they’ve had a particularly troubling experience at work, dealing with discrimination, retaliation, harassment, wage disputes, or even wrongful termination. In these cases, employees can be confident that our firm will we aggressively pursue their rights, provide clarity on the facts and law surrounding their unique situation, and assist them in creating a comprehensive plan to resolve the issue.”

“No matter what employers or employees may be having trouble with, we want them to know that they can come and talk to us. The team at this firm has significant experience fighting for the rights of both businesses and the individuals who work for them. We care about each of our clients, and we work hard to show them that we are committed to obtaining justice in every legal challenge we face.”

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Boznos Law Office provides a wide range of legal services to both individuals and businesses. With a focus on employment and business law as well as estate planning, the firm uses a combination of creative legal solutions and tenacious representation to help ensure that justice is served for their clients. William Boznos has over 30 years of experience fighting for clients’ rights, yet he approaches each one with a posture of integrity, responsiveness, advocacy, and understanding. With highly personalized legal service, fast response times and a wealth of experience, Boznos Law Office is committed to providing clients with top notch legal advice so they can sleep at night.

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