BotEyes shares why its telepresence robots are game-changers in business

BotEyes robots revolutionize the way people interact with one another by launching telepresence robots proven to be helpful in businesses, especially with the raging pandemic.

“The telepresence bots give people a physical presence in the place where they can’t be in person. The robot drives on wheels, and users control it from any place in the world,” a representative of BotEyes said in a statement.

BotEyes said video conference robots are a convenient way to reach employees of companies with offices in different cities or countries.

Managers can visit remote offices using telepresence robots, as they enable them to drive across the office at any time from any place in the world without the help of anyone.

“You can see and speak with anyone just like if you were there in person,” the representative added.

The BotEyes – Pad requires users to supply their tablet or smartphone, which they will attach to the robot to act as its eyes, ears, and mouth. The tablet can tilt a total of 160 degrees to provide plenty of vision below or above the actual height of the robot.

Any tablet or smartphone that is 8-11 inches can be attached to the BotEyes, whether it has an Android, iOS (Apple), or Windows operating system.

The video resolution depends much on the processor power and RAM capacity of the device.

Users can also use any video conferencing app for video communication. A few options include Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook’s Messenger app, Google Duo, Line, and FaceTime.

With the remote presence robots in place, employees and managers can participate in meetings wherever they are. The technology allows them to sit at the conference table just like everyone else at the meeting.

The robots also enable businesses to show their company to customers remotely.

“Your customer can examine your company remotely using telepresence system. The customer will be able to see your equipment, production capabilities, staff, and cleanliness of rooms,” the representative said.

BotEyes said office robot also allows employees who already left but wish to see what is happening in the office to manage workforces from anywhere efficiently.

If businesses couldn’t find a professional in a particular city, they can also hire remote workers and buy the BotEyes telepresence device for them.

“In this way, the iPad robot will become the avatar, and the remote worker will not differ from those who are sitting in your office in person,” the representative added.

The BotEyes telepresence robots were designed and mass-produced in the Research Laboratory of Design Automation, Ltd. (RLDA, Ltd.) in Russia.

The company said it delivers the robots to any country using UPS post service. Delivery time and handling take about ten working days after the payment is successfully processed. This includes order handling and customs clearance time (5 days) and UPS post service shipment (5 days).

BotEyes uses a separate computer installed in its chassis for movement control. This exempts the user from downloading and installing extra software.

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