Born for application, DHG’s value may soar to a new high in the blockchain

Ever since it’s publishing, DHG, a blockchain technology integrated application platform, has gained great attention from the industry media.

Citing the Reuters “DHG will have a great value in the application scenarios like digital assets, data ownership, blockchain finance, social governance.” And its significant application scenario value is one of the important reasons for such a high evaluation.

“The previous blockchain techniques like to stay in the consensus mechanism optimization, algorithm improvement and other technical aspects and the users are also more concerned about the features like anonymity and decentralization, which lead to its lack of actual scenario application.”

As DHG market expert Dwight D. Aldrich says that the current exploration of blockchain is mostly at the technical level and lacks the driving force from the application scenarios, so there is still a long way to go before the blockchain enter the life of the broad masses of the people.

“What we need to do is to develop a blockchain with core technology and promote it to the application scenarios”. He says, “Imagine that in the future, our house, car, etc., have become assets on the blockchain, and we don’t need to provide ID to buy tickets and Check Inn Hotel. Securities trading is no longer required a long and complex coordination and settlement by banks, securities companies, exchanges and other institutions. Identity authentication, health management, notarization, judicial arbitration, voting, lending systems can no longer be forged. What an interesting world it would be.”

If the application scenarios can reflect the application value of the blockchain, then the Bitcoin has the highest application value. Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, it has gradually been recognized in the field of payment and circulation. Its currency status and asset value has been recognized by developed countries like Germany, Canada and Japan. The value of Bitcoin has gone up all the way. The proportion of Bitcoin against the dollar rose from $0.0007 to a $2600 mark, which means 3 million times raise in 8 years. And the market is generally optimistic about its future value. According to the DHG team, DHG’s future scenarios are wider, and its value is even more incalculable.

In order to meet a wider application scene, DHG has made a breakthrough both in transaction capacity and trading speed which is faster than 5 Bitcoin transactions per second and 10 minutes a confirmation processing speed. And DHG will open a PC side wallet, APP wallet, web side wallet, to achieve users’ cross platform convenient applications.

And now, according to the news which revealed by the DHG team, DHG will have its first ICO in Japan recently and this may bring the anticipated application scenarios into our lives ahead of time.

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